50five's favourite indoor cams

Make your home safer with our favourite indoor security cameras.

28 May 2018

Looking for a security camera for indoors, but having trouble choosing? Discover our favourite security cameras and find out which one best suits your home!

Want to keep an eye on your home 24 hours a day and be warned immediately if there's an intruder inside? You may have searched the internet for just the right camera. With a wide range of indoor security cameras, however, it doesn't make choosing any easier! From "full HD quality" to "watching live images on your smartphone" and "instant notification when something unusual is detected," they can do it all. But what are the differences between these cameras and what makes each so unique?

50five is here to help you choose by highlighting the unique features of 50five's favourite security cameras. Get to know our favourite indoor security cameras and find out which one is most suitable for your living situation.

Affordable security

Looking for a safer home at an affordable price? The Foscam C1 security camera enables you to protect your home at an attractive price. This versatile security camera keeps an eye on what you love and offers a surprisingly sharp image, even in the dark.

The Foscam C1 not only reacts to movement, but also to heat and sound, so that you are not disturbed, for example, when a fly comes into view. However, as soon as an unwelcome guest is detected, the camera immediately sends a message to your smartphone. You can then watch the images on your smartphone in HD quality.

This attractively priced camera makes it possible to make your home safer at any budget.

Identifying who's at home

 Netatmo's camera is the only security camera with facial recognition. Netatmo Welcome always recognises who is in the house and lets you know immediately via a message on your smartphone. As a result, you will also receive an immediate notification if someone unknown is in the house.

At 50five we are also especially fond of the sleek, minimalist design. Another big advantage is that, unlike many other security cameras, you don't have to have a subscription.

An extra feature is that you can link your smoke detector's or carbon monoxide detector's notifications to the Netatmo Welcome. When the camera hears your smoke detector go off, it can inform you immediately. This way your home is safe at all times!

An all-in-1 security system

Already have several smart nest products set up at home? Introducing you to the Nest Cam Indoor! This security camera works seamlessly with Nest, allowing you to take a look inside the house when the Nest Protect smoke detector detects smoke.

Mount the Nest Cam Indoor easily in any place in the house, receive a message when motion or noise is detected and see what is happening. This camera also has the functionality to communicate via the talk-back option. Is your pet misbehaving while you're not at home? Then simply communicate via Nest Cam! 

Because the Nest Cam is compatible with all other Nest products, the camera can easily work together with them as well. Take a look at our webshop and discover all the possibilities with Nest.