50five tests four smart outdoor security cameras

A safe home is always important, but even more important when you're going on holiday. How do you leave your home with peace of mind?

21 May 2018

A safe home is always important, but it becomes even more important when you're about to go on holiday. Leaving home with peace of mind is a great way to start. The purchase of a smart security camera ensures that you can keep an eye on your house from afar. If there is an unwelcome visitor at the door, you can take immediate action.

“Is a smart outdoor camera really suitable for my home?” A recurring question during the summer holiday period. 50five smart home expert Kay went in search of the most secure outdoor cameras by testing 4 of them. In order to be able to advise you on the best camera for your home...but secretly for himself as well! “Recently I bought a house with my girlfriend. Everything is still very new! We're about to go on holiday soon, so perfect timing to test a security camera. But which one suits my home? And why should I go for the smart option?”

Why smart?

Nest, Foscam, Ring and Netatmo all supply good quality outdoor security cameras. What makes a smart outdoor camera smart is the fact that you can remotely see what is happening around your house. Via your smartphone! Bonus: you'll immediately receive a notification when something unusual is detected.

Every smart security camera has unique features that make the cameras suitable for different situations. Netatmo has a built-in outdoor lamp and the Nest, for example, has a particularly wide image. A number of cameras also run on batteries, while others have a power cable. One camera notifies you when movement is detected, while the more advanced version can even recognise what is moving. Useful if you want to know what happens around your house when you are on holiday!

The test

So it's time to test out these cameras. "I placed all the cameras next to each other in the garden. That looked incredible! Below is a small impression of my garden."

Security cameras in garden

Nest and Foscam image quality

Ring and Netatmo image quality

"I tested the cameras in this setup for a couple of weeks. All cameras work really well! Of course there are some differences between them.

Communicating via smartphone

“Nice thing about the Nest Cam Outdoor is that, in addition to the good image quality, you can communicate via your smartphone with any visitors who come into view. When the postman came along with my delayed package I could respond immediately despite the fact that I was on vacation. Another nice feature about this camera, compared to the other three cameras, is that the Nest has a very wide image. The camera has a viewing angle of 130 degrees. I just had to look for a power outlet because this outdoor camera doesn't work on batteries. Luckily this camera had a long power cable, so I could still mount this camera in the right place!"

The economical option

“The Foscam Outdoor Camera is the most economical option. This security camera is cheaper than the other 3 cameras and therefore offers an excellent price/quality ratio. I did notice the lower price in the setting options. The camera also has a smaller viewing angle with lower image quality. Nevertheless, I liked this camera and it would be a good option for people who prefer not to buy the most luxurious product.”

Smart security and save energy

"It was amusing to have four different cameras installed in the same place with the smart motion detection function. Every time I got no less than four pings on my phone simultaneously! This was of course because all four cameras sent a message when detecting movement. And that while I was enjoying my cocktail on the beach! What makes the Ring Stick Up Cam special is that you can save on energy. This is the only outdoor camera that can be connected to a solar panel . I could also easily mount this camera wherever I wanted. Thanks to the solar panel, you don't have to rely on a power outlet!"

Security camera and outdoor lamp in one

“Unlike the other three cameras, the Netatmo Presence Outdoor Camera also has an outdoor light that turns on when detecting motion. Super handy when we left for our holiday destination in the middle of the night. But safe and secure as well! I am convinced that it will deter intruders. Good to know is that this outdoor camera can only be connected in the area of an outdoor lamp (directly on a power line)."