Meet 50five: the #1 specialist in smart home. Home automation offers connected devices enhancing the comfort in your home. From efficient heating and energy saving to endless lighting possibilities, attentive security solutions and smart audio devices, all connected to your smartphone. Sound complex? As the smart home specialist, we aim to make smart home accessible to anyone. So, whether you like to build your own gadgets or only know how to turn on the microwave, we will gladly introduce you to smart home.

Your personal advisor
At 50five we understand that your home is different from your neighbours’. We therefore personally advise each of our customers so they can find the best smart home solution that fits each of their homes. As we continuously test the devices ourselves, we are sure to advise you well. That is why we have a 55-day return policy. Furthermore, thanks to thorough testing, we get better at helping you find your way in the world of smart home every day.

Unique portfolio

50five is the #1 specialist in smart home. We have five web shops operating in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and UK. All shops are filled with intelligent devices for a more comfortable home. 50five selects her smart home products and services with care and intelligence. This results in a unique portfolio with only the best smart home products and services, carefully selected for you.

For us being the specialist means that we want to make smart home easily accessible. Our A-brand suppliers like us for that. Unique collaborations have led to our unique portfolio, where we solely introduce you to the best smart home products.

Our chamber of commerce number in (Netherlands): 66605938
Our VAT ID-number: GB.2622.70619