Why choose an air source heat pump?

Air source heat pumps are energy efficient systems which provides heating and a hot water solution. Built to transform outside air into heat, irrespective of the temperature outside your home, air source heat pumps are 75% renewable energy and 25% electricity.

Up to 4 times more efficient than conventional gas or oil boilers, air source heat pumps reduce your households carbon footprint and save on heating costs.

When air has been converted, heat is sent to radiators warming your home and the remainder is stored within a hot water cylinder; ready for when you open a tap or turn up the thermostat.

Think of an air source heat pump as your household fridge, in reverse. Instead of extracting warm air, air source heat pumps use warm air and pump that into your normal central heating system.

What are the benefits of an air source heat pump?

  • Lower fuel bills – the pump produces renewable energy, roughly 75%. The longer you use an air source heat pump, the more you save on fuel costs

  • Consistent heat – unlike other boilers, heat pumps warm your home at a lower temperature over a long period of time. Whenever heat or hot water isn't required, it is stored within the hot water cylinder ready for use on demand. 

  • Energy efficient – heat pumps generate far less carbon dioxide than other boilers; improving the energy efficiency (and value) of your home. 

  • Financial rewards – with the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme households can be rewarded by the Government for going greener, today. Quarterly payments are made over seven years for installing the renewable technology into your home. These payments are designed to offset the additional amount paid to install the heat pump into homes vs. current technology


  • Wide operation range & reduced noise level
  • 7 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Wet vapour injection & scroll compressor
  • Operates at low ambient temperature (100% -7c)

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Mitsubishi ecodan

  • Multiple unit connection & zone space controls
  • Low maintenance and quiet operation
  • 3 year manufacturer's warranty with an optional 2 or 4 year extension
  • Operates at outside temperature as low as -25c

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Case study

For many years, Mr. Turner worked in a Yorkshire coal mine, receiving a free coal allowance. Living in a rural area, his home like many others, isn’t supplied with gas – so the use of coal was a necessity.

Unfortunately, the coal mine closed after some years, leaving Mr. Turner and his wife to use wood burners and storage heaters. An inefficient and costly solution they did not want to continue.

Contacting 50five, Mr. Turner wanted to discuss potential heating solutions for his old stone cottage and a site survey was soon arranged to look at the potential for installing a new air source heat pump.

Working closely with LG and Mitsubishi, 50five provide expert advice and quality installation and the longest possible manufacturer's warranty.

For more smart advice on air source heat pumps, or to arrange your site survey, contact a member of the 50five team on:

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