EVBox: home charging solutions

As the world works towards becoming 'greener', many car manufacturers have begun to develop Hybrid cars and electric vehicles. If you currently own an electric vehicle, or are looking to buy one, 50five have the solution for you.

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50five attends first GDAA panel meeting of 2019

Paul Baxter recently attended the first GDAA Panel meeting of 2019, held on January 30 and talks about his great experience.

Case study: air source heat pump

For many years, Mr. Turner worked in a Yorkshire coal mine and received a free coal allowance. Living in a rural area, his home like many others, isn’t supplied with gas – so the use of coal was a necessity.

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The highlights of CES 2019 for your smart home

What new technologies will be unveiled this year at CES?

What role does Amazon play in your smart home?

The smart speaker with Amazon Alexa as the center of your smart home.

Better spend Christmas money on smart gifts under £100

Here we have a few products that could help you save Christmas. Be sure to take a look around the rest of our website for some more great deals!

How do you prevent burglaries in your home?

Prevent burglary with the Netatmo Presence.

Z-Wave vs. ZigBee - Which is Better?

We compare Z-Wave and ZigBee. Which of the two is better?

What is Z-Wave and what are the advantages?

You may often encounter Z-Wave when you are searching Smart Home products, read this article to find out exactly what it is!

Google vs. Amazon - Who has the best speaker and assistant?

Which is your favorite assistant: Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

Security Cameras: What You Need To Know Before You Buy!

What should you pay attention to when buying a smart security camera? 50five explains it for you!

Which Smart Lights Work with Amazon Alexa?

Philips Hue, Trust ZigBee, Innr, and myStrom are just some of the great brands that you can control with Amazon Alexa!

Philips Hue vs. myStrom vs. Trust Zigbee: which is best?

We put Philips Hue, myStrom, and Trust ZigBee to the test to see which is the best for your home.

What is carbon monoxide and carbon monoxide poisoning?

The deadly gas is a risk in nearly every home. But what is carbon monoxide?

What does your smart device know about you?

Remove your personal data before returning a product

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