50five announced winners of the 2019 East Midlands, Boiler & Heating Installer of the Year

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50five announced winners of the 2019 East Midlands, Boiler & Heating Installer of the Year

50five was announced the winner of the 2019 East Midlands Boiler & Heating Installer of the Year, at the regional Energy Efficiency Awards on Friday 15 March.

50five awarded Boiler Installer of the Year

The renowned Energy Efficiency Awards recognise organisations across 11 different categories for their outstanding contribution, innovation and ethics to energy efficiency. 

Paul Baxter, Business Development Director at 50five UK Ltd said: “50five won this award category for the East Midlands in 2018, and it is a great feeling to be here and receive the award for Boiler & Heating Installer of the Year again.

“We have worked incredibly hard throughout the past year to install a significant number of new boilers across the East Midlands and provide households with a more efficient, safe and comfortable heating solution.”

Throughout 2018 and now into 2019, 50five UK have worked to provide customers with a complete solution – giving more control and knowledge over the amount of heat consumed and ease of use on heating systems. For every new energy-efficient boiler installation carried out, 50five also install a smart thermostat for free.

“Our vision, at 50five, is to reduce the carbon footprint and energy costs of homes across the UK, which is why we chose to provide homes with a device to better control heat consumption,” continues Paul.

A national award ceremony will be held later in 2019 to decide the national winner of the Boiler & Heating Installer of the Year, from the 11 regional winners, including East Midlands winners 50five UK Ltd.

The Energy Efficiency Awards were designed to encourage manufacturers, contractors and other businesses within the energy sector, to deliver products and services which support the Government’s ‘green’ initiatives.

Gary Braybrooke, CEO of the Energy Efficiency Awards, said: “We always have a such a large amount of award applications, making it difficult to narrow down the nominees. Congratulations to 50five and the other winners of the 2019 East Midlands Energy Efficiency Awards – with the hard work and support from yourselves, we can work towards a more efficient, greener future; for a cleaner environment and more affordable future.”

50five UK Ltd are leading suppliers of heating solutions and smart home products, across the UK. We use our innovative thinking and vast knowledge of heating solutions, to reduce energy bills and improve household energy efficiency. Working in partnership with leading manufacturers, such as Ideal Boilers and Vaillant, we provide customers with trust-worthy, highly efficient solution.

To find out more about smart home and heating solutions with 50five, please contact a member of the customer care team on 0800 612 5050 or email [email protected]