Celebrate Christmas better in your smart home with these smart devices!

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Celebrate Christmas better in your smart home with these smart devices!

Make your house a smart ho-ho-home at Christmas!

Christmas Home

Christmas is pure nostalgia. After all, these holidays revolve around years of tradition: every year a tree in the room, the same stress to find the right gifts and the same films on television. It is that nostalgic feeling that makes these holidays so special. This does not mean, however, that you can’t make these days even more special!

We are happy to explain how you can make your home smarter, so that you can enjoy your Christmas even more. These are our smart tips to make your holidays perfect:

Use your video doorbell to see your newspaper deliverers

They deliver your newspapers often before sunrise, regardless of the weather. At the end of the year, the newspaper deliverers call for a nice new year and hope for a small donation for their hard work. Of course you do not want to leave them out in the cold and that's why a video doorbell is useful. You immediately see who is at the door, so you know you can take your wallet with you. And if you are not at home, you can say that they may come back another time. For example, we have NetatmoNest Hello or Ring video doorbells for you.

Nest Hello Video Doorbell
Nest Hello Video Doorbell
  • Know who’s at your door
  • HD Talk, listen, and video
  • Installation kit also available (currently out of stock)
Special Price 199.00
List price Regular Price 229.00 -£ 30,00 You save 13%

Secure your house when you are not there

Christmas is the perfect time to be with your family. That means you won’t be at home during this time of year. Criminals also know this and try to take advantage of the empty houses over Christmas: the risk of burglaries is 150% higher during the holidays. If you want to ensure that your gifts are optimally secured it may be worth considering an IP camera for outdoors or camera for indoors. You can also link these cameras to your smart lighting or music system, so that the lights and music will go on and scare off any potential burglars. 

Netgear Arlo Pro IP Camera - 2 Pack
Out of stock
Netgear Arlo Pro IP Camera - 2 Pack
  • No cables needed
  • Inside or outside
  • Complete set

Netatmo Welcome Camera
Netatmo Welcome Camera
  • Facial recognition
  • Alarm detection
  • Safeguards your privacy

Ensure a good connection for maximum streaming

Has there ever been a Christmas without viewing Home Alone? Probably not. We all know that Christmas is also the time to stay in bed for a long time to watch Christmas movies or to fill those quiet hours playing games with the family. During this time it is more important than usual that your connection is strong enough. With a mesh network, you are guaranteed a strong signal throughout your entire house, so that you have optimal coverage everywhere. This is also useful if you get a lot of visitors and all the children or grandchildren ask for your Wi-Fi password for their smartphones. Consider, for example, the solutions from Netgear or TP-Link. 

Put the perfect dish on the table

Christmas is also about food. Ofcourse you want to put the perfect dish on the table to surprise your guests. It would be a shame if you put a lot of effort into preparing the perfect Christmas meal, but that it does not turn out to be done or that it has been in the oven for too long. With a smart meat thermometer you can keep the meat cooking without having to open the pan or oven. That means you can be with your guests without stress, because you are warned when the right core temperature is reached. So you are not alone in the kitchen all the time and you put the perfect meal on the table.

GrillEye Thermometer
GrillEye Thermometer
  • For meat and fish
  • With 4 or 6 probes
  • Prepare meat and fish

HerQs Easy BBQ Pro
HerQs Easy BBQ Pro
  • Smartphone notification
  • Bluetooth-connection
  • Monitor 6 probes

Put your feet up with the whole family

You often get tired and bloated from all that food and drink. After an afternoon nap, it is time for to get back in the Christmas spirit. It is probably too cold to go outside and you don’t want to be in a bar with your entire family. Therefore, it's smart to buy a good music system, so you can celebrate with a party at home. With JBL you can fill the house with optimal sound, whilst the Libratone speakers can be placed anywhere in the house. These speakers are also ideal for enjoying your favourite Christmas music. Hands up for 'Last Christmas' from Wham! Otherwise you might have to listen to Mariah Carey… again.

JBL Link 300 Wireless Voice Controlled Speaker - Black
JBL Link 300 Wireless Voice Controlled Speaker - Black
  • Google Assistant
  • Chromecast built-in
  • Room-filling sound

Stick to your resolutions in 2019

It starts with your advent calendar on December 1st, continues with the delicacies during the Christmas period and ends with the parties during New Year's Eve. Let's face it: December is not a good month for your health. That is why many people start a diet on January 1 with good intentions in an attempt to reverse the damage. Do you want some extra help against the extra kilos? Take a look at this smart scale from iHealth that works as a personal coach. For example, you can indicate your target weight in the app and measure your muscle mass, bone mass, moisture percentage and body fat percentage.

iHealth Core Body Analysis Wireless Scale
iHealth Core Body Analysis Wireless Scale
  • Full insight
  • Visual overview
  • Attractive design

However you celebrate this Christmas, there are many ways to improve your holidays. Look in our shop for an extensive number of devices. They are ideal as gifts, to others or to yourself. Happy Holidays!