Coloured lighting at home: more than just ambiance

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Coloured lighting does more than add atmosphere to your home - it also has a positive effect on your body!

You don't think about it every day, but colour plays an important role in our daily lives. Of course, everyone has their own preference for colour in terms of aesthetics: do you purchase a red or blue car? What colour do you paint the wall? Do you buy that jacket in green or turquoise?

Whether you like something in a certain colour is subjective, but not entirely random: colours evoke emotions, which in turn affect our bodies. Does pink make you completely happy? Then there's a good chance that your wardrobe is predominantly pink. Can't stand pink? Then definitely don't wear pink, you probably won't feel comfortable in it.

The influence of colour applies not only to material things, but also especially to the environment you find yourself in. The environment where you want to feel most comfortable and relaxed is your own home. That is why we explain why coloured lighting in the home is of added value and how it can positively influence your body and mind.

The effects of coloured lighting

Effect of colour lighting in the home

Colour (lighting) plays a very important role in interior architecture. It gives spaces a certain atmosphere and appearance, which has a direct influence on those who are in that space.

The effects of colour in a home

Imagine walking into a room with all black or dark walls. You get the feeling that the walls close in on you and that the space feels smaller than it really is. If you walk into the same room with white walls, it seems as if it is suddenly a lot bigger. Bright and warm colours (orange, yellow, red), for example, make objects appear larger and closer. This is the spatial effect of colour. 

With mood lighting, you can accentuate the colours of a room or soften them a little. For example, you could make a grey wall more stimulating with a warm colour or more relaxing with cool coloured lighting.

The effects of colour on body and mind

Besides the mentioned spatial effects, colours also influence your body, mind and emotions when you are in a space. Many scientific studies have now been devoted to this, on the basis of which an alternative method of treatment has even been developed using coloured lighting: chromotherapy.

Different colors of lighting have different effects on body and mind. We set out the most important effects of primary and secondary colours so that you can apply them at home with your own coloured lighting:

The colour most often linked to excitement, energy and power. It's a warm colour and has a positive effect when you're tired or feel a little less energetic. This colour also increases your heart rate and time seems to go faster. This coloured lighting also increases libido, so coloured lighting in the bedroom can provide for more than just tranquillity...

A cool colour, usually linked to peace, tranquility and trust. It is the colour that mainly affects the mind: it brings serenity and helps you to concentrate better. It is the most pleasant colour in the world according to many studies, but can also look cold. An extra sweater can do no harm if you wear blue when working from home.

A strong and stimulating colour. In contrast to red, yellow has an effect on the mind: it increases your self-confidence and brightens you up. Optimism is an important emotion that this colour evokes. So do you feel down a bit? Illuminate the space around you yellow!

The colour of harmony and balance. It is a striking colour, without being overpowering, such as red. Therefore, the effect is soothing and reassures us. Green is primarily linked to safety and food. There's a reason why McDonald's changed its house style from red-yellow to green-yellow...

The spiritual colour that stimulates you to focus on yourself. Commonly used when meditating.

It also has a luxurious undertone and is linked to the best quality: it is a royal colour. Please note that purple can also come across as cheap in the wrong setting. So make sure your interior matches this colour to really impress when you get visitors.

Combines the physical effects of red with the uplifting effects of yellow: it's a colour that radiates pleasure. It also focuses the mind on physical comfort (warmth, shelter) and sensuality. So if you're hosting a party, orange is an excellent coloured light.

Colour lighting at home

Our coloured lighting

Coloured lighting not only contributes to what your living room, bedroom or kitchen looks like, but you can also feel better physically and mentally through colour. As far as we are concerned, coloured lighting is therefore of real added value in a household.

At 50five we offer different types of coloured lighting, each with its own advantages and method, such as the Philips HueTrust and MyStrom.

Would you like to know more about the differences between certain brands of ambient lighting? Then read our article, where we outline three kinds of coloured lighting in a row.

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