Gas safety checks – what does this mean for boilers?

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Gas safety checks – what does this mean for boilers?

It is vital for gas appliances to be regularly checked – especially your gas powered boiler. Completing regular gas safety checks can prevent gas leaks, potential carbon monoxide leaks and more

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Gas safety checks - what does this mean

As a homeowner, it is recommended by the Gas Safe Register to have appliances serviced every year, including flue and pipework checks, by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The works carried out on a gas safety check are not for the functionality of the boiler, but the inspection of the gas and inner workings. Gas safety checks are designed to check the:

  • Boiler is operating at the correct pressure
  • Air supply to the boiler is adequate and burning the gas correctly
  • Flues and chimneys are clear
  • Gas fumes emit safely into the external air
  • Safety devices on the boiler are working correctly

50five engineers are all Gas Safe Registered, to ensure your boiler is fully protected, legal and safe. Gas safe checks are carried out with every boiler service we complete. Approaching the anniversary of your boiler service, 50five will contact you to arrange your service. However, if you live in rented accommodation, it is your landlord’s responsibility to ensure a gas safety check and boiler service is carried out.

You may need a gas safety check separate to your annual boiler service if you detect one of the below issues:

  • The pilot light frequently blows out
  • Unusual amount of condensation where the appliance is installed
  • Soot or staining on or around the flue
  • Smoke is frequently blowing out of the flue

The above issues could also lead to a carbon monoxide build up. If the flue or airway is blocked or leaking, this could prevent carbon monoxide from escaping so it would flow back into your home.

If your boiler isn’t working properly, don’t attempt to fix it yourself as there may be serious, underlying issues. Contact 50five to arrange a service or gas safety check with one of our registered engineers. Checks are very quick, and any issues will be explained to you along with the best possible solution.

More information about gas safety checks is available on the Gas Safe Register website.

To arrange a boiler service or repair, contact 50five on 0800 612 5050 or email [email protected]