Manfred Klumpenaar appointed as CEO 50five Group

Manfred Klumpenaar is the new CEO of 50five Group and replaces Isabella Namèche, who will focus on a new challenge. Besides Manfred and Egbert Hietberg, Isabella was involved in the realisation of the ambitions 50five has to create a leading digital platform for home solutions since the beginning.

In light of the new “Install Tech” vision Manfred will be the new chairman of the board where, besides Egbert Hietberg (CCO) and Jean-Paul Polfliet (from Technology Director to COO), also Country Managers Oliver Delbecque (Belgium) and Lesley Parkin (United Kingdom) will take place. The board is very grateful for Isabella Namèche’s contribution to 50five and wishes her a lot of luck in the future.

A few years ago, 50five Group’s smart home webshop and vision, in which “smart advice for every smart device” was leading, it was unique. 50five is however convinced that the added value of the company now lies in making innovative technologies accessible and understandable. It believes that the lack of knowledge and fragmentation in the market are the biggest hurdles for installing new technologies like charging stations for electric cars and climate solutions like air source heat pumps and smart heating controls. Both private and business customers need good advice for these solutions after which they realise they have many advantages. People say that they can save money, but also that it contributes to making society more sustainable. 50five provides the entire customer journey for the client and has been employing installers for the installation of climate solutions and emobility for several years. This number has been growing rapidly to more than 500 installers in three countries over the past years.

To fully commit to the new propositions 50five chose the restructure the organization mainly in the Netherlands, making it more efficient and entrepreneurial in the installations market. Smart home activities have been scaled down entirely, except for multi-zone climate solutions. The company’s focus shifts entirely to advice and installation of emobility and climate solutions. In addition, the three countries in which 50five is active (The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom) will work closer together, to project one company vision and strategy. In the past three years 50five and its own developers have also been working on making the services of the company more efficient. This resulted into two apps, which are already in use in the Netherlands and Belgium and are on the road map to introduce to the UK soon. You can download the apps in the app stores: the 50five Pro App for installers and the 50five GO app, which enables charging station owners to monitor their charging sessions.

50five expects the business segment to become one of the most important audiences in the near future. To serve this audience well 50five has employed multiple new account managers in the Netherlands and United Kingdom. About 90% of the EV (Electric Vehicle) drivers drive an electric company car. This electric car needs to be charged and the most efficient way to do this is at home or at the company building. Besides, all companies in the Netherlands and Belgium are obligated to install a charging station for at least 10% of their parking facilities and carriers are less and less allowed to enter cities with a vehicle that runs on fuel. Therefore the business segment will have to innovate. In addition, in the United Kingdom there are huge benefits to be made by utilising the government initiatives through OLEV funding.

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