Philips Hue vs. myStrom vs. Trust Zigbee: which is best?

Last updated: 8 months ago

We put Philips Hue, myStrom, and Trust ZigBee to the test to see which is the best for your home.

With a mountain of information about smart lighting available, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused about which smart lighting system will suit you best. That’s why we've made this comparison to weigh up the pros and cons. Doing all the hard work for you, so you can make the right choice!

Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue

The Philips Hue system has a clean interface allowing endless entertainment possibilities. A large range of devices and applications work with the system, giving it extensive functionality. However, in order to enjoy all these features, you will need a bridge and some lights. Thankfully, Philips make this easy for you by bundling the required products together in their starter kit – which can be purchased for £79.95. Once installed, you have a connected home that can be customised to your personal preference. Philips Hue is slightly more expensive than its competitors, but you get what you pay for with this smart home system.

mystrom wifi lamp


If you working with a tighter budget or do not require a bridge, myStrom is the perfect solution for you. For £37 you can have a smart WiFi bulb that you can control directly from your smartphone. The myStrom app is very clear and can be easily used to create insight into your power consumption. The myStrom buttons work with the lights to make your home experience that little bit nicer. The buttons are fully customisable through IFTTT, so you can have all the functions that you may want or need at your fingertips. If you are new to the world of smart lighting, this is the brand for you! They offer the perfect range of entry-level products at a very reasonable price. Be careful though because once you start your smart home transformation there’s no turning back.

 trust zigbee home

Trust Zigbee

Finally, we have the ZigBee lights from Trust. These lights are perfect for the smart home enthusiast who already has different Trust or KlikAanKlikUit products. Both the Zigbee lamps and the older products can be linked to their Internet Control Station - the Z1 control station for example. This can be used to control your lights and always allow the perfect mood in the room. The best thing about the ZigBee products is that they are compatible across a number of other protocol devices like Ikea Tradfri, Osram Lightify alongside Philips Hue. The Zigbee lights from Trust are priced between Philips and myStrom, so we’ll leave the choice up to you!

Part of your smart home

Working hand-in-hand, the smart lighting products of Philips Hue, MyStrom and Trust Zigbee can all be part of your smart home. They are all supported by Google Home and are therefore included in your Google smarthouse platform. This also means that you can ask the Google Assistant to change your light without having to use the Hue or KlickAanKlickUit app. Once you add a smart light to your home, sit back, relax, and let your smart assistant take care of the rest!

Click here for all information about our smart lighting and check the table below for a quick overview.

Property Philips Hue Trust Zigbee myStrom
Protocol Zigbee Zigbee WiFi
Bridge needed Yes Yes No
Entertainment options Yes No No
Compatible with KlikAanKlikUit No Yes No
Price loose color lamp £ 54.95 £ 39.99 £ 37
Price loose White Ambiance lamp £ 24.50 £ 15.99 X
Price starter pack Color £ 79.95 £ 109.99 £ 111


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