Ring: your best friend in home security

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Ring: your best friend in home security

Ring has a clear mission: make every neighbourhood a safer place. Ring is your best friend in security.

Ring Video Doorbell

Ring has a very clear mission: to 'make the neighbourhood and the world a safer place'. They do this with all kinds of products, such as the video doorbell, the Stick-up Cam and the Floodlight Cam. With Ring products, you can build a 'ring of security' in and around your home.  

Ring Pro DoorbellThe doorbell

The flagship of Ring is of course the video doorbell. With this doorbell you always know who is on your doorstep. The Ring contains a camera that triggers movement and sends a message to your smartphone. This way the bell only uses data when needed. You can, of course, also watch real-time via the app.

At 50five we've been fans of the Ring for a while. Our product specialists can't go without it. Imagine a lazy Sunday afternoon, when the bell suddenly rings. You don't feel like going to the door, but at the same time, it may actually be important! You open the app and see that your in-laws are at the door. To be home, or not to be?!

You'll never miss a delivery

Thanks to the integrated microphone and speaker, it is also possible to talk to the person at the door. You can now tell them you'll be home in ten minutes. Or how about giving instructions to the postman who's finally delivered your parcel? You'll never have to go to the post office to collect your parcel ever again!

The Ring comes in different models: the Pro and the New V2. So there's always one that suits your needs best.

The security cameras

Ring Spotlight

To secure a house well, you need more than just a view of the front door. You also want to keep an eye on the back door and around the house in general. Ring is also a star in this aspect. The brand has various security cameras in its assortment. The most striking is the Floodlight.

The Floodlight has two large LED spotlights that switch on as soon as movement is detected. This ensures that intruders are immediately deterred. The built-in alarm system also lends a helping hand. The Floodlight also features facial recognition Please note that the camera must be installed at the location of an outdoor lamp.

Do you prefer to hang the camera in a place where there is no existing outdoor lamp? Then go for the Ring Spotlight. You can place them wherever you wish. The Spotlight comes in two versions: with cable or with battery There is the option to add a Solar Panel . This ensures that the battery is charged via solar energy. So you never have to worry about a dead battery. 

Ring of security

So for every situation there is a product that ensures that you can leave home with peace of mind. Whether you're going on holiday, expecting a package or having trouble with a little rascal that ring and run: the Ring is your best friend.

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