Trust Smart Home ZigBee - For your ideal lighting system

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Trust Smart Home introduces Zigbee - The new communication system for your ideal lighting system.

Trust Smart Home, powered by KlikAanKlikUit, introduces ZigBee!

ZigBee is the language in which connected devices in your home or office communicate. This innovative technology allows you to discover light and security in a completely new way. Create your ultimate Smart Home system by combining multiple compatible ZigBee devices. The convenience lies in automating and operating with just one app on your smartphone or tablet. This way, you have more comfort and safety in your own hands and under control.

What is ZigBee and why should you use it?

The lack of a traditional Wi-Fi range

Traditional Wi-Fi networks provide Internet access to all your smart home devices, and the distance between the router and the device determines the strength of the signal used to operate the devices. The average signal range of Wi-Fi is between 30 and 100 metres. With thick walls, even 5 metres can be difficult to reach, and reinforced concrete is often a challenge. Is your house built like this? If so, your devices may not work as well.

The advantage of meshing technique

ZigBee is a meshing technology. This means that every ZigBee product uses some power (such as a lamp or sensor) to repeat signals from other devices in the ZigBee network. If you have more than one ZigBee product in the house, you will improve the effective range of the signal. This means that you can now reach the devices just outside your old signal.

What can you do with ZigBee?

  • Easy dimming and switching. Dim or turn on your lights with your smartphone or tablet when you're at home or on the go. Set a schedule that dims your lighting to a soothing colour before you go to sleep.
  • Be more creative with your interior. Colour your interior and create your favourite atmosphere. You can choose from no less than 16.8 million colours, so dim and colour to your heart's content! Expand your system just the way you want it.
  • Protect your home better. With the ZigBee sensors, you can keep an eye on your home while you get push notifications on your phone in case of an emergency. The IPcamera's data is stored locally on an SD-ready, so you have full control over the images yourself. Without a subscription.
  • Automate more. The more you automate in your home, the less you have to worry about it. Smart ZigBee solutions are easy to use and affordable, with no monthly costs.

Get inspired by endless possibilities

Connect your lamps and see if the lamps are on or off from an entirely different location. Did the kids forget to turn off the lights after bedtime? Without having to get up, turn them off with the remote control. Are you not at home and is your pet left in the dark? Remotely switch on a light with your smartphone. The possibilities are endless. So the question is: what do you want and what do you expect from a smart home system?  

Device cooperation and compatibility

KlikAanKlikUit products are offered worldwide under the Trust Smart Home brand. As Trust and KlikAanKlikUit devices work with the same technique, they are compatible with each other. But you can also connect other brands to a ZigBee network. View all options in the tables.


Trust Tunable bulbs & spots Philips Hue bulbs & spots IKEA bulbs & spots Osram Lightify bulbs & spots
Trust ICS-2000 X X** X X*
Trust Z1 X X** X X*
Trust ZigBee remote control X* X* X* X*

Only ON / OFF and dim.

** RGB lights are not yet supported in the IKEA app.

 ZIGBEE BULBS Philips Hue bridge Hue remote IKEA-bridge IKEA remote  IKEA-dimmer knob  Osram Lightify bridge
 Trust RGB bulbs & spots X*  ** X*  X* 
Trust Tunable bulbs & spots  X*  X X*  X* 
Trust single color bulbs & spots  X X* X X*  X*

Only ON / OFF and dim.

** RGB lights are not yet supported in the IKEA app.

Installation and setting up the app

You can install ZigBee Products by following the instructions in each package. Do you need help? Trust has an installation page. To ensure that all products communicate well together, connect them via the app to the ZigBee Z1 Control Station or to the ICS-2000. Do you want to control your lamps via the remote control? Then connect this as well.

If the Trust Smart Home ZigBee products are your first products from the KlikAanKlikuit/ Trust Smart Home range, you can choose between two apps as a Dutch-speaking user.

  • The Trust Smart Home app. The Trust Smart Home app allows you to control all ZigBee devices, if connected to the ZigBee Z1 Control Station or the ICS-2000. The Trust Smart Home app is available for iOS or Android and can be downloaded to mobile or tablet via the App Store or Google Play.
  • The KlikAanKlikUit app. Already use the KlikAanKlikUit app? You can also use the Trust Smart Home bulbs with this app. The KlikAanKlikUit app is available for iOS or Android and can be downloaded to mobile or tablet via the App Store or Google Play.

Want to know more?

Are you curious about Trust ZigBee devices and want to know more? Then view all the products in our webshop. Do you have any questions or can we help in any way? Send us a message or call us. We are always ready for you. 

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