Which smart lighting suits me best?

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We compare the top three brands.

Since the advent of smart lighting, countless lighting systems have been introduced. The most well-known example is of course Philips Hue. In addition to Hue, however, there are plenty of options to furnish your home with atmospheric and sustainable lighting. How do you know which system suits you best? Allow us to list the different options for you, so that you can always make the right choice!

Philips Hue

We kick off with the best known in the list. In 2012, Philips released a lamp that could be operated with your smartphone. Philips Hue was born. A few years and innovative developments later, Hue has grown into a very complete and extensive system, much more than just a light source. 

The heart of the Philips Hue system is the Hue Bridge. Without the bridge it is not possible to control the lights with your smartphone and to set colours or temperatures. This is of course what we want! The Hue Bridge is easy to connect to your router using the Ethernet cable provided. All you have to do is download the Hue app and connect your smartphone to the bridge from the application. Installation takes literally only two minutes!

Then it's time to explore the endless possibilities of Hue. You can start right away with 16 million colours and endless shades of white that help you relax and concentrate. How about a cool, white sun as seen in the Norwegian fjords as a wake-up light? Or a warm hue that looks exactly like the sunset in Bali? Anything is possible.

Hue can be expanded with numerous accessories, such as motion sensors and dimmers, but did you know that you can also connect the system to other apps and applications? For example, you can connect Hue to your mail account so that the light flashes when an email is sent by someone important. You can also link Hue to your entertainment system so that your lighting is adjusted to the movie you're watching or game you're playing!


myStrom is a new player on the market and exclusively available at 50five. The smart lighting of myStrom works on Wi-Fi. This means you don't need a bridge or other device to control your lamps with your smartphone! All you need is a working Wi-Fi network. myStrom lamps can be set completely according to your wishes. Choose one of 16 million colours or go for a white shade that suits your moment. 

myStrom also has a holiday mode. This mode ensures that you can leave with peace of mind. Thanks to this handy feature, your lighting is switched on and off at random times. This will make it look as if someone is home. 

MyStrom has also added a number of smart accessories to its smart home system. There are two eye-catching, stylish buttons that make operating your lighting even easier. With these buttons it is possible to set up pre-programmed scenes in no time. For example, tap the button twice and your lighting jumps to the colour you pre-set Super handy!

The myStrom app also makes it possible to monitor your energy consumption. So you can see how much is saved right away thanks to the smart lamps. You can also go a step further with the myStrom Switch. This smart plug ensures that the devices connected to it can also be switched on and off with the app. The energy consumption of these devices is also monitored. Smart savings and smart enjoyment!


Trust Zigbee

Trust has been a well known name in the smart home sector for many years. In the Netherlands, Trust is also known as KlikAanKlikUit. The brand has an infinite number of smart solutions. These include smart sensors, security systems, switches and lamps. Trust has recently expanded its portfolio with smart Zigbee lamps. We immediately found this very interesting, because there are already an abundance of existing smart home products from Trust on the market. Infinite possibilities!

The Zigbee lamps by Trust are available in different varieties that are comparable to Philips Hue. You can choose from coloured LED lamps, different types of white and spotlights You can operate the Trust Zigbee lamps via the Zigbee Control Station. Thanks to this control station, you can set up 16 million different colours or white shades with your smartphone. There are also several Trust Zigbee accessories that can be connected to this system. Think of motion sensors, smoke detectors and cameras.

Do you already have a Trust Internet Control Station? Then you have infinite applications right at you fingertips! All Trust products can be linked to this control station. So even if you have older KlikAanKlikUit products, you can connect them to your lamps. Configuration has never been easier! 

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