How to tell if you need a boiler service

Everybody hates unexpected bills; especially on something as costly as a boiler. All boilers and heating systems should be maintained as per the manufacturer guidelines to ensure your heating system remains efficient, cost effective and most importantly, your warranty remains in-check. 

By annually servicing your heating solution, you are far less likely to experience a breakdown or have to consider expensive repair costs. 

Are you unsure when you last serviced your boiler? Perhaps you recently moved into your property and can't find anything to suggest when the boiler was last checked by a Gas Safe Engineer. 

You can identify if you need a boiler service through various faults:

  1. A yellow flame (It should be blue)
  2. Pressure falls below 1-1.5 bar
  3. The pilot light keeps going off
  4. Stains/smoke marks appearing on or around the appliance
  5. Hot water is not as hot as it should be or the flow is low

Boiler servicing

50five provide boiler services for £70 incl VAT. Our expert team of engineers carry out a full boiler service, which includes:

  • Pressure checks 
  • Visual inspections 
  • Removal of boiler casing to inspect internal components 
  • A flue inspection to remove any obstructions 
  • Testing of ignition to check for any working faults 

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered – to ensure your boiler is fully protected.

Boiler repairs

At 50five, we understand having no hot water or heating can be frustrating – so we treat any boiler breakdown with absolute urgency.

We are able to send one of our expert engineers to your home and repair your boiler. 50five’s standard call out fee is as little as £40 incl VAT.

While it can be fairly easy to repair a boiler, it can sometimes be more cost effective to replace an old boiler with a newer one – and it may not cost as much as you think, we can help you spread the costs.

All our engineers are Gas Safe Registered and will provide you with smart advice on how best to repair or replace your boiler – whichever is the safer, more efficient option. 

You may need a gas safety check separate to your annual boiler service if you detect one of the below issues:

  1. The pilot light frequently blows out
  2. Unusual amount of condensation where the appliance is installed
  3. Soot or staining on or around the flue
  4. Smoke is frequently blowing out of the flue

The above issues could also lead to a carbon monoxide build up. If the flue or airway is blocked or leaking, this could prevent carbon monoxide from escaping so it would flow back into your home.

If your boiler isn’t working properly, don’t attempt to fix it yourself as there may be serious, underlying issues. Contact 50five to arrange a service or gas safety check with one of our registered engineers. Checks are very quick, and any issues will be explained to you along with the best possible solution.