Installation by 50five

We can install any product we sell. Our installers are certified professionals with years of experience in smart home installations.


We work together with the biggest and most innovative brands in heating and charging solutions. 

Our brands are our partners

At 50five we're not the only ones helping you to smarten up your world. The smart devices are not developed by us after all, but by established brands like Google Nest, EVBox, Netatmo, Honeywell, Ring and many more. Every day they work hard on innovating and monitoring the market, just like us, for trends. They translate this into new and improved smart products that help you ease up your life every day. 

More and more reliable brands are connecting their name to our shop and putting their trust in 50five. We are working on a smarter world together. That's why we call them suppliers rather than partners. We've built a strong partnership with our suppliers because they also believe in our 3 main pillars listed above, that form the foundation of our smart home mission.

Brand overview