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  1. Netatmo Wind Meter
    Netatmo Wind Meter
    • Alerts via smartphone
    • Easy to use
    • Wind measurement
  2. Netatmo Indoor Module for Weather Station
    Netatmo Indoor Module for Weather Station
    • Monitors home air quality
    • Temp, humidity, and CO2
    • Weather station extension
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  4. Orders placed before 21:00 shipped same day


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Mmm… do I need to take a raincoat? I don’t think I’ll need the garden sprinklers today – there seems to be rain in the air. When is the wind going to die down? And will it blow that storm out of our region?! 

All typical questions if you don't own a smart home weather station. 

Purchasing a Quality Home Weather Station

The popular meteorological weather reports are based on a vast area. Therefore, you may not have accurate weather readings and predictions for your immediate area. A home weather station gives all the weather readings that you need, both inside and outside your home. There are several brands well known brands, like Netatmo, in the market from which you can choose. Here is a quick guide on choosing the right station. 

The Station must be Accurate 

Accuracy is the most critical aspect of any digital weather station, but it is also the hardest to determine. Start by checking the user manual for margin errors and pick one with the lowest margin error. Then, look at the user reviews for experience from people who have used the equipment for some time. Do not make your selection based on price as each brand is made and marketed differently. In the same line, check the number of weather elements that the device checks such as humidity, temperature, wind speed and amount of rain, depending on the weather instruments therein.

Source of Power 

Most weather stations either run on solar power or battery power. While solar power looks appealing, you should never purchase equipment that runs solely on solar power as very dull weather may cause the instruments not to have enough energy to run. Pick one that takes in both sources of power. Remember that you will be required to change batteries at least once every year. 


If you have a smart home system, having a smart weather station would make your system even smarter. There are smart systems that may use the data from your weather station to perform such tasks as turning on the heater or the AC, depending on the current weather readings from your station, which increases their convenience and helps you save on energy consumption. You can also check one that can run with smart assistants such as Google Assistant and Alexa or platforms like IFTTT to allow you to get localised reports of the weather on the go. 

The choice of the best weather station depends on the weather elements measured, accuracy, power source and consumption, as well as integrating with other systems. Check out our shop for weather stations that meet your needs within your budget.