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We can install any product we sell. Our installers are certified professionals with years of experience in smart home installations.

Mr. Beams Product Range

Outdoor lighting

The outdoor lights are weather-proof, high IP-rated, powerful, and they can light up any path or spot you like!

Indoor lighting

Dark areas and stairs, ceilings and cupboards, no matter which type of lighting you choose, you can place these lights anywhere.

Did you know ?

All lighting options from Mr. Beams are easy to install (they don't require any professional help or wiring, just 5 minutes of your time) and powerful (they provide up to 600 lumens of light to brighten even the darkest places in your home). They can provide you with light for up to one year, with an average use of 8 to 10 times per day.


Best sold products


Fit these portable lights in a cupboard and stop looking for what you need in the dark. Place them on the stairs or in your garden to guide your steps. Wireless installation means you can use them anywhere.


The Mr. Beams story

In 2008, Wireless Environment, LLC (a company that specialises in the optimisation of LED lighting in off-grid applications) launched Mr. Beams, a range of energy-efficient and wireless lighting. Battery-powered, these outdoor and indoor lights are equipped with a motion sensor. This means your movement turns them on, and they automatically turn off when you don't need them anymore. The end of energy waste: never forget to turn off your lights again. Have you ever forgotten to turn off your lights before a holiday and come back to find a frightening energy bill? Mr. Beams LED lighting will make this a problem of the past. Select and forget: as the lights are activated by your movements, you don't need to control them via an app on your phone. Simply select your desired lighting and place it wherever you like, and that’s it!