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Smart or automatic blinds can be opened and closed by using a remote control, sensor, connected app, or voice assistant. Here at 50five, you will find the very latest in smart home technology including blinds and accessories, all of which have passed a rigorous testing and approval process from our in house product experts.

What are smart blinds?

Blinds with smart home technology make your life easier by doing the hard work of opening and closing for you. If you want to include smart window coverings into your home, a number of options are available including full kits with blinds, sensors and motors included, or small wall mounted motor units which can be retro-fitted to existing roller blinds using the blind’s link chain. Depending upon the make and model chosen, the blinds can be operated from a remote control, smartphone, voice assistant or PC. A wide variety of sensors are also available including movement, sunlight, and voice sensors, giving you a great deal of flexibility in how to operate your blinds.

Benefits of automatic blinds

By eliminating the need to reach and operate blinds by hand, this sort of smart technology can be particularly useful for those with mobility issues and also for anyone who has blinds which cover high or awkward to reach windows. On hot or sunny days, blinds with sunlight sensors will close for you to help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, or can be closed remotely via an app so that you can return to a cool house. The ability to control your blinds remotely can also help improve security by making your home appear to be occupied when you are out late or on holiday, making it less likely to become a target for intruders.

Blinds at 50five

If you are looking for smart window coverings, on the 50five website you will find a range of products from leading brands. Need help selecting the right smart tech for your home? Contact us for personalised advice and recommendations on everything from choosing the right products to arranging installation.