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Why use an EVBox charging station?

Power every electric vehicle

EVBox charging stations are capable of charging every electric vehicle model and are future-proof meaning any new electric vehicle which becomes available on the market can also be charged with an EVBox charger.

Leave home with a full battery

Avoid the hassle of trying to find an available charging station and paying more expensive public charging fees. Having an EVBox HomeLine or EVBox Elvi guarantees you'll always be able to charge your car from the comfort of your home.

Safer than regular outlets

Holding numerous safety certifications and compliance standards, paired with 50five's certified installer status, provides customers with peace of mind when purchasing an EVBox charging solution.

Hey EVBox

Enjoy additional benefits with the EVBox Elvi. Using configurable rates, the Hey EVBox app notifies you when it is the cheapest time to charge your vehicle and allows you to remotely stop or start your charging session.

EVBox products we sell

EVBox Elvi

  • Compatible with all electric vehicles
  • Internal electrical protection
  • Future proof
  • 24/7 RFID card access
  • Realtime insights and full control
  • Hey EVBox app access
  • Manual load balancing
  • 4m tethered charging cable

EVBox HomeLine

  • Compatible with all electric vehicles
  • Free upgrade from 3.7kW to 7.4kW for faster charging
  • Internal electrical protection
  • Low maintenance

Which EVBox is for you?

Do you still need help deciding on which is the better EVBox charging solution for you?

As an EVBox certified installer, 50five are best suited to help you decide which EVBox charging solution fits your needs best.

We have put together a team of EV charging experts and created a selection tool under the banner of to help you decide which EV charger is best for you. Using the website you can fill out the tool to see which EV charger we recommend for you, alternatively you can request contact from one of our helpful specialists to assist you in finding the perfect EV charger at the best price.