Why choose a gas or LPG boiler?

Gas and LPG boilers are the most common heating solution for homes in the UK. Both boiler types generally provide a good return on every unit of energy used, and installation costs are often manageable. 

Replacing your existing boiler with a modern gas or LPG boiler can improve your homes energy efficiency rating by approx. 30% - reducing your annual heating bill significantly.

The most common types of boilers are combination, conventional and system boilers. Combination boilers provide heat to your radiators and hot water on demand. Conventional (heat-only) boilers have a hot water storage cylinder and a cold-water feed tank - usually found in the loft of your property. System boilers are similar to a conventional boiler, only don't require a cold-water storage tank

Choosing the right boiler can make a significant difference to your heating bills, carbon footprint and energy rating. At 50five, we can provide you with smart advice on the most cost effective and energy efficient gas or LPG boiler system for your property.

Working closely with Valliant and Ideal Boilers, 50five provide expert advice and quality products, all with the highest manufacturer warranties available – as standard.

What are the benefits of installing a new gas or LPG boiler into your home?

  • Energy efficient - newer gas and LPG boilers have a cleaner carbon footprint than more outdated or alternative boilers
  • Compact size - smaller in size than oil boilers and other alternatives, gas and LPG boilers can be fitted into smaller areas within your home
  • Faster working - some gas and LPG boilers supply hot water on demand, provide instant heat to your radiators and taps

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Choosing your new boiler

At 50five, we seek to provide our customers with a complete solution. For new boiler installations, we can also install a smart thermostat enabling you to regulate household temperatures, save on energy costs and monitor heating usage. 

How do you choose your new boiler? Follow our three simple steps for your new boiler installation:

  • Contact us and answer a few questions about your household such as; the type of fuel used, what current boiler do you have and how many radiators are in your home
  • Our customer care team will recommend the best boiler type for your home and suggest various options, to ensure your new boiler will be the most energy-efficient solution for your home
  • When decided, simply choose an installation date and time which best suits you. Our team may also arrange a site survey pre-installation with a 50five engineer

Adey MagnaClean Filter

Adey Innovation are industry leading experts in the protection against failed heating systems and corrosion. Using advanced technologies and innovative solutions, Adey developed the MagnaClean Smart Filter - a system designed to maximise the capture of magnetite. 

50five’s expert team of engineers understand all there is to know about chemically flushing central heating systems. Whenever we carry out a boiler replacement, we always recommend installing the Adey MagnaClean Professional 3. Following a chemical flush of your system - removing any build-up of sludge, magnetite and other debris - the MagnaClean system works to filter any debris away from your system to maximise heating efficiency and reducing the likelihood of a system failure.

The new MagnaClean Professional 3 is a smart device – Wi-Fi enabled to alert you of any potential issues, and alert 50five as installers when the filter is full, in need of a service, or if there is an issue with the system. Water samples are also taken during installation and sent to Adey's laboratory, to be tested for any issues. If clear, your boiler will be issued with a water test pass certificate. 

The Adey MagnaClean Filter extends the life of your boiler system, reduces carbon emissions and works to reduce your heating bills by keeping your system clean.