Why choose a ground source heat pump?

Not to be confused with geothermal heating, or even air source heat pumps; ground source heat pumps extract renewable energy from the ground or a water source, such as a lake, and convert it to a higher temperature for use in your central heating system.

Ground source heat pumps absorb low-grade heat from one place and concentrate it for use elsewhere, such as your domestic heating and hot water system. All year round, the ground absorbs low-grade solar energy by sunlight and rain, and maintains a base temperature between 8 and 12 degrees.

How a ground source heat pump works:

  • A series of pipes running through the ground are filled with anti-freeze
  • These pipes feed through a heat exchange, called an 'evaporator'
  • The refrigerant within the heat exchange warms the extracted energy, which begins to boil and evaporates into a gas
  • The gas is compressed to further increase the temperature and flows into a second heat exchange called a 'condenser'
  • The hot water pipes of your heating system run through the condenser, to be heated by the gas
  • As the refrigerant gas cools, it condenses into liquid and sent back to the evaporator for reuse
For every kW of energy required to power the pump, three to four kW’s of energy is generated. Thanks to the higher efficiency of a ground source heat pump, carbon emissions are significantly lower than more traditional methods of heating, which makes heat pumps eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Heat sources

Heat is stored in the ground, at a constant temperature, all year round. Ground source heat pumps are built to extract this energy from different sources.

  • Surface soil: An excellent renewable heat source, surface soil remains between 8 and 10 degrees all year round. Ground collectors are buried beneath the soil to extract heat before pumping through the system.
  • Rock: Solar energy dissipates through the many rock layers beneath our surface. Boreholes are used to extract heat energy from rock for use with ground source heat pumps. Minimal ground disruption is required for this solution.

Kensa Evo

  • Minimises running costs and maximises RHI income
  • Produces domestic hot water up to 60 degrees
  • Industry-leading noise reduction
  • Optimised heat exchangers allow the compressor to respond efficiently 
  • Dimensions (H x W x L): 1160 x 555 x 575mm

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Kensa Shoebox

  • Generating heat at the point of use,the pump is installed inside the home
  • Ideal for smaller properties as it can be installed in space-limited areas
  • Produces domestic hot water up to 65 degrees
  • Revolutionises heating in flats to reduce carbon emissions & fuel poverty
  • Dimensions (H x W x L) – 530 x 475 x 370mm

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What are the benefits of ground source heat pumps?

  • Lower fuel bills: Producing between three and four times more renewable energy, than required to power the ground pump, heating costs are reduced to almost a quarter of the usual cost
  • Consistent heat: Extracting heat from the ground where there are consistent temperatures year-round, ground source heat pumps can provide homes with consistent heating and hot water levels 
  • Energy efficient: Heat pumps generate far less carbon dioxide than other boilers; improving the energy efficiency (and value) of your home. 
  • Financial rewards: With the Renewable Heat Incentive scheme households can be rewarded by the Government for going greener. Quarterly payments are made over seven years for installing the renewable technology into your home. These payments are designed to offset the additional amount paid to install the heat pump into homes vs. current technology. 

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