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  • Smart heating: Link additional smart home products to your smart thermostat to enable you to hear your home more efficiently. Not only will you comfort levels increase, but you will save on energy bills and usage. Find out more
  • Sustain your home: Efficient and economical use of energy isn’t limited to heating alone. Improved insulation, energy efficient equipment and renewable energy solutions all ensure your home is sustainable and cost-conscious. Find out more
  • Installation: 50five's customer care team will provide you with all the information you need to arrange an installation of your new smart product or service, with one of our certified engineers. Find out more
  • Smart advice: Our team of experts are on hand to give you quality advice on your new heating solution. Not only do we provide smart advice for every smart device, we also provide installation - so you have a complete solution. Find out more

Why choose 50five?

Value for money

We only install boilers from brands we believe in. All boilers installed by 50five are complete with ADEY MagnaFilter's and the longest possible manufacturer's warranty.

Professional service

Our engineers are all qualified heating engineers, who are fully inducted into the 50five ethos of customer service and value for money.

Award winning

Amongst all our accreditations, 50five has also received numerous awards in recognition of our service to customers.