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Imagine your home always being set to just the right temperature, increasing the energy efficiency rating of your home and you saving on your energy bills? 50five can provide you with the knowledge and equipment to do this. Discover the range of heating solutions available with 50five, tips on making your home more sustainable and how to begin your journey towards becoming a smart home.

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Smart heating

Smart heating is about more than purchasing a smart thermostatLinking an additional smart home product to your smart thermostat enables you to heat your home more efficiently. Not only will your level of comfort increase, but you will save on your energy bills and usage. 

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Sustain your home

Efficient and economical use of energy isn’t limited to smart heating alone. Taking various measures in-house ensure you deal with energy in an environmental and cost-conscious manner such as improved insulation and energy-efficient equipment.

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Advice from 50five

Our team of experts are on hand to give you quality advice on your new heating solution. Not only do we provide smart advice for every smart device, we also provide installation. This way, we provide you with a heating solution, tailored to your needs.

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Installation by a pro

You’ve chosen your smart product or heating solution – but how do you get started? Our customer care team will provide you with the option to have a qualified 50five engineer visit you and install your new solution.

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  1. Nest Thermostat E
    Nest Thermostat E
    • Self-learning and modulating
    • Place anywhere
    • With geofencing
  2. Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+
    Tado Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit V3+
    • Radiator dial and bridge
    • Control over radiators
    • Platform support
  3. Honeywell Evohome Multizone Thermostaat (OpenTherm)
    Honeywell Evohome Multizone Thermostaat (OpenTherm)
    • Zone control
    • Expandable system
    • For OpenTherm boilers
  4. Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd generation - thermostaat
    Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd generation - thermostaat
    • Self-programming
    • Integrates with Nest products
    • Hot water control

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50five is all about smart home technology. Innovative solutions that make life more pleasant, easier, cheaper and safer. In addition to offering smart products, we support our customers with advice and installation of smart home products. Everyone should be able to make their home a smart home. 50five are central to making smart home technology available to everyone.

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