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Installations by 50five

50five provide installation on all our smart home products, because fitting something new can be tricky. Our team of experienced engineers will install your new product and provide you with the knowledge you need to get started. 

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What makes us home experts?

Why 50five?

At 50five, we provide customised heating solutions and install them within your home. What are the benefits of installations by 50five?  

  • Your solution will be installed quickly and professionally 

  • You’ll receive a free connection check, advice and tips on how to efficiently use your new solution 

  • We provide you with peace of mind, and take away the frustration of having to install the solution yourself

What is the importance of a good installation?

If you’ve been suffering in the cold because of a problem with your heating, you know how great it feels when everything starts to work properly again. If you are purchasing a smart thermostat or other smart home products, you want to ensure devices are installed properly. If a device is properly installed, you will be able to get the most from your investment.  

Incorrectly installed thermostats can cause temperatures within a home to not be regulated properly. There is more to installing thermostats and smart home products than meets the eye. Sometimes it is necessary to place a connector to a boiler system, connect new wires and of course – there’s the device app which needs explaining and connecting. 

Why have a professional installation?

To ensure you make maximum use of the benefits which come with a smart thermostat and heating solution, we recommend you have the installation carried out by a professional.  

The complexity of installing our smart home solutions varies per product, and the individual needs our customers require. If you’re having additional smart heating products added to your household, the way in which installation is carried out depends on the type of boiler you have.  

There are many factors which need to be considered when installing your new products, and it isn’t always easy to do yourself if you don’t have full knowledge of the products in hand.

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Installation by 50five

50five have a network of smart home experts who know everything there is to know about our smart thermostats, radiator controls and exactly how to install them. Taking you situation and needs into account, our expert engineers leave your home once everything is correctly installed, and you’re comfortable to begin using. 

The benefits of installation by 50five:

1. The best smart home experts go to work for you
2. Your thermostat is expertly installed 
3. A free wi-fi check, advice, tips and explanation about your new acquisition 
4. Get the most out of your thermostat 
5. No hassle, no frustrations

Follow the process and enjoy the outcome

Tips for when you are going to install yourself

Do you want to install your smart heating solution yourself? Then we have some tips for you below!

1. Check how you should connect your thermostat to your central heating boiler

2. Provide a stable Wi-Fi connection

3. Make sure the thermostat is in a good location

4. Adjust your boiler correctly

5. Follow the installation manual carefully

Thermostat Installation Manuals