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Do You Prefer Taking Notes By Hand? Digitize Your Handwriting Instantly with a Smart Pen.

Do you need a great stylus or pen for your laptop or mobile device? Yes, that's a question a lot are asking these days as technology has produced to the point that electronic note taking feels just like writing with pen and paper. Here at 50five we have a wide variety of digital pens you can use with your tablet. If you are looking for a smart writing set where in addition to the digital pen there is a digital notebook, we have plenty of options to choose from as well. 

How Does a Smart Pen Work?

A digital pen or stylus works thanks to a combination of pressure sensitive sensors, optical scanning, wireless connectivity, and long-lasting rechargeable batteries. They also come with software that learns your handwriting, in such a way that you can quickly jot down notes during lectures and business meetings and have it rendered as a word document. 

Some digital pens come with their own USB-connectable writing surfaces. Then there are also digital pens for Android and iOS tablets that work by writing directly on the screen of the device. Others can be used by writing directly on ordinary paper or another similar surface, with the information transferred wirelessly to your computer or mobile device. 

A Smart Pen for Artists and Designers

These wireless pens aren't just for electronic note taking; if you're an artist or designer, you can also use these amazing devices to digitize your sketches. From there you can use your favourite graphics software to edit and perfect these images. 

Additional Features and Accessories

Certain smart pens also come with integrated microphones that allow you to store voice messages while you write.

Then there are pens that come with their own notepad, which are encased in moleskin and other soft, classy-looking materials. This way you don't even need to have your computer or device with you when you're writing. You can sync the notebook to your computer via WiFi, or simply work away and then transfer all of the information from the notebook to your computer at a later time.