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Creating more comfort with Honeywell Evohome

Worldwide Honeywell is known as one of the #1 heating brands. When smart homes were introduced, Honeywell launched Honeywell Evohome: a multi zone thermostat setting the temperature in each separate room of the house. A more comfortable and environment friendly solution.

Being one of the traditional providers of heating solutions, Honeywell has been able to learn from customers’ experiences throughout the years. The heating brand has put a large amount of resources in product development, resulting in an intelligent thermostat with a lot of functionalities.

The Honeywell Evohome multi zone thermostat can easily be connected to other intelligent devices in the house. Connect the multi zone thermostat to your Philips Hue lights, for example, and the lights can be switched off automatically when you leave your home. Easy and convenient.

Honeywell Evohome & 50five

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As the #1 smart home specialist, we solely want to promote the best smart home solutions. Honeywell Evohome has years of experience, being a traditional pioneer in heating solutions.

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