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Lighting plays an increasingly important role in our lives and the possibilities are now endless. Smart LED lighting can be completely tuned to your life, setting the perfect atmosphere for every moment. Discover our smart lighting, different types of smart lights, accessories, and advice on smart lighting. Need help choosing the smart lighting that's best for you? We're happy to help!

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Smart bulbs

Once you decide to use smart lighting, you need to decide which lights to buy. There's more to consider beyond the type of iftting. We explain the different types, advantages and disadvantages, and what you need to be aware of before purchase. 

Starter kits

Are you just starting with smart lighting or are you looking for several bulbs? It might be most econmical to purchase a starter or expansion kit. Bulbs in these bundles are typically paired with bridges or other accessoires.

LED strips

Do you want to create unique effects with smart lighting? Choose an LED strip that can emit up to 16 million colours. Use them anywhere in the home for that luxurious look and extra atmosphere. 

Articles about smart lighting

Coloured lighting at home: more than just ambiance

Coloured lighting does more than add atmosphere to your home - it also has a positive effect on your body!

Which smart lighting suits me best?

Having trouble finding the right smart lighting from your home? We compare the top three brands.

What is Zigbee?

ZigBee is the communication protocol for many smart home devices, like Philips Hue and Trust. We explain what ZigBee is and how it's used.

Trust Smart Home ZigBee - For your ideal ilghting system

Trust Smart Home introduces ZigBee - The new communication system for your ideal lighting. 

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