Lighting plays an increasingly important role in our lives and the possibilities are now endless. Smart LED lighting can be completely tuned to your life, setting the perfect atmosphere for every moment. Discover our smart lighting, different types of smart lights, accessories, and advice on smart lighting. Need help choosing the smart lighting that's best for you? We're happy to help!

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Smart lighting

Smart LED lighting is easy to operate via app or remote control, programmable, and available in various shapes and sizes. For example, E27 and E14 bulbs, LED strips, and even light panels. With smart lighting, anything is possible!

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Light as an experience

With smart lighting, light becomes a true experience. By this we mean that light isn't only used to illuminate, but also to enrich your experience of everyday activities, support your health, and adjust your environment precisely to your wishes.

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Not sure how to apply smart lighting in your home or garden? What kind of lighting do you need, and what is smart lighting all about? Here you'll discover everything about different trends, ideas, and smart lighting. We'll also show you how 50fivers use smart lighting in their homes!

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Our smart home experts know exactly what's possible with smart lighting, which bulbs fit you best, whether you need accessories, and how to set up your lighting. Discover various tips and tricks to optimise your smart lighting at home.

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  1. Philips Hue Colour E27 Starter Kit with Dimmer Switch
    Philips Hue Colour E27 Starter Kit with Dimmer Switch
    • Create the perfect ambience
    • Complete starter kit
    • Expandable
  2. Philips Hue Iris Clear Smart lamp
    Philips Hue Iris Clear Smart lamp
    • Modern design
    • Safe home
    • Colourful ambience
  3. Innr Colour E27 LED Bulb - RB 185 C
    Out of stock
    Innr Colour E27 LED Bulb - RB 185 C
    • 16 million colours
    • Great quality for price
    • Works with Philips Hue
  4. myStrom WiFi Bulb
    myStrom WiFi Bulb
    • Switch on/off, select colour, and dim via smart device
    • Simulate being at home while on vacation
    • Super energy-efficient LED

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