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  1. Elgato Eve Motion Sensor
    Elgato Eve Motion Sensor
    • Control lights automatically
    • Motion notifications
    • Splashproof
  2. Philips Hue Motion Sensor
    Philips Hue Motion Sensor
    • Daylight sensor
    • Completely wireless
    • Motion detection
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  4. Trust Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor - APIR-2150
    Trust Wireless Outdoor Motion Sensor - APIR-2150
    • Turns off automatically
    • Install without wires
    • IP64 waterproof
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Brighten Your Day with Portable Light Sensors

At 50five, the selection of light sensors is so vast, it is impossible to describe them all. Let's take a look at just a few options, and then you can look for more!

A gentle light sensor

Do you every hear bumps in the night, and realise that yet another member of your family has failed to find the bathroom at 3:00 AM? Yet you are reluctant to light up the bathroom and other tight spaces with glaring illumination. We have the solution for you. The Mr. Beams portable Stand Anywhere Light casts a soft 10 lumens per 2 m² when it senses motion up to 3 metres away. Place it anywhere you need a minimum amount to light your way.

Now let's up the illumination a little

The Mr. Beams Night Light offers two levels of sensitivity to help the little ones feel more secure. It starts with a gentle glow of 10 lumens when a room darkens, and then brightens to 35 lumens if movement is sensed. This light is also great for lighting up stairs, paths, and patios.

The brightest of the bright

Another battery-operated motion-detecting light sensor from Mr. Beams is found in the Ultra Bright Ceiling Light. Recommended for larger areas, as well as outside, it shines 300 lumens of light over 30 m².

How do indoor motion sensors work?

The Philips Hue Motion Sensor turns on lights when you enter a room. During daylight hours, walk into dark areas of your home, such as bathrooms or the garage, and the Hue Motion Sensor lights up your path. Program your sensor to reflect different hue intensities in your various rooms. When you leave a room, lights will turn off after motion is no longer detected. Another indoor motion sensor can be found in the Honeywell Evohome. It senses motion in the dark, then provides camera images of the activity it detects. You can adjust its sensitivity if you wish, and teach it to ignore your pets!

Don't stop now!

The security light sensor selection in the 50five e-shop is varied and plentiful. Not all sensors offer the same features and specifications. Take a look, and choose the sensor that will suit your home environment.