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Lighting Switches

Smart lighting is becoming a necessity for all homes. It is quickly replacing the wired electric lighting system in many places. At 50Five we sell the smart lighting switches. If you don’t know enough about the lighting system, our attendants will help you select the ideal product for your purposes.

Smart Light Switch

The WiFi light switch is network-enabled, and this means you will be able to control the system wirelessly. The switches are turned on and off through an app on your phone. Alternatively, you can control the lights using a virtual voice assistant. The lights are designed with easy installation. You will only need to mount them to the wall with an adhesive substance. This means you will not need any tools to install the lights. One of the key advantages of this system is that you can create custom schedules with your smartphone on when to turn the light off and on. You can also choose to buy a dimmer light switch to control lighting in selected areas.

Dimmer Light Switches

Have you ever needed to dim the light but couldn't and ended up switching off light because the light was too much for you? The dimmer switch provides a solution to this. It can be dimmed to your preferred level. The device comes with a plug-and-play mode which allows you to use it immediately after unpacking. You will also appreciate the fact that it connects up to ten bulbs. With the dimmer light switch, everything is easy to control right from your mobile device. Its functions include creating groups, setting up the brightness levels, and turning your light on and off. To use this switch, you must have a bridge, hue bulbs, and a smartphone app.

Buy Your Lighting Switches at 50Five

If you are looking for the products mentioned above, then you can shop for them at 50Five. Our experts will guide you through all you need to know about the product and help you make the best decision on your home lighting system. In addition to the dedicated services, our shop also offers you a 55-day trial period on our product.