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Outdoor Lighting

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Lighting is an essential part of your home and not necessarily in the inside but also on the outside. At 50five, we offer specialised assistance to any of our customers that may be looking to have outdoor lighting installed in their homes. Our shop has quite a variety of lighting accessories that are of high quality. Some outdoor lights in our shop are solar garden lights and garden sensor lights. 

Garden Lights

If you have a garden on your property, then it would be a good idea to keep it bright during the night. This is primarily for security purposes, but there are other reasons why you would want to light your outdoors in the night. It could be that you want to help keep the rodents away from your garden or you just want to see who is at the door at any time. Our shop sells LED garden lights that are specially made for outdoor purposes. They can withstand extreme weather conditions and are waterproof, meaning they would still be reliable in rainy seasons. The lights are made to be economical- they come with a solar panel in the package to charge them during the day. This ensures that the Solar Garden Lights are entirely independent of their power. They don't need a power cable connected for them to work. To save the energy charged during the day, Garden Sensor Lights are fitted with a sensor so that they only turn on when necessary.

Call Us For Your Outdoor Lighting Needs

Do you need your home fitted with outdoor lighting? 50five is just the right place for you. We offer specialised support to every one of our customers and ensure that you get the assistance you need. Our shop deals with smart accessories that you may need for your home. To assure you of our high-quality products and services, the company offers you a 55-day trial period on all the products in the shop. We accept returns within the first 55 days of purchase. If they don’t meet your quality expectations, that would be no loss to you.