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Our Outdoor Light Bulbs

50five carries a wide range of outdoor lights and lighting solutions for all of your needs. Whether you're looking for wall lanterns, spotlights, or LED garden lights, there are plenty of modern and smart devices to keep you well-lit outdoors and enjoying those warm summer evenings doing the things you love. 

Smart Outdoor Lights

You'll love the convenience and utility smart outdoor lighting can offer. By using smart products and electronics you can make your home safer and more sustainable, and your life easier.

Some of the features provided by smart outdoor lights include motion alerts on spotlights or the ability to dim and control colour lighting from apps. Modern smart technology such as our smart outdoor lamps are easy to install and a breeze to operate.

Why You Need Outdoor Lighting

Quality outdoor lighting solutions can provide security, convenience, and most importantly allow you and your family and guests to stay outdoors well after sunset. Barbecues and backyard parties need good lighting as night approaches. Outdoor lamps and outdoor bulbs help you to continue enjoying those great evenings together as well as letting you get just a little more yard work done when it's dark out.

Pool and Garden Lighting

If you fancy going out for a dip in the pool, you're going to want to have a good quality lighting arrangement that's safe and effective. 50five carries LED solar-powered pool and garden lights that can help you save money, live more sustainably, and use your pool and garden after dusk safely.

Kids will love these lights as well. Colour-changing LED lights can add ambience and a level of personalised customisation to fit the mood and style of your yard and garden.

50five Outdoor Bulbs

The best way to get the most out of your evenings outdoors is with quality lighting. Easy to install and use, our outdoor lights and outdoor light bulbs can help you create those lasting moments with friends and family outdoors. Have a look at our products and see for yourself.