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Purchasing Outdoor Integrated LED and Solar-powered Lights

Whatever type of outdoor lighting you need for your home, we have the solution. Whether you need security lights or you’re more interested in colourful strings of solar powered garden lights for special occasions, our experts will help you find what you’re looking for. 

What are the benefits of integrated LED lights?

Being a complete light fixture located within one convenient waterproof casing, integrated LED lights are ideal for outdoor installation. They might be plugged into a socket, hardwired and are easily mounted through an adhesive or on hardware exactly where you need them.

Another advantage is that without filaments, they’re much longer-lasting and require little maintenance. As most of the energy is used to produce light (rather than heat), LED lights are more energy-efficient too, so they can keep your energy bills down. 

What does ‘lumens’ mean? 

Traditional light bulbs are measured in watts (their energy output). However, this is not suitable for LED lights as they use less power. Instead, lumens is a measure of their brightness. 30 lumens is enough to gently illuminate pathways while 400 lumens (roughly equivalent to 40W) is bright enough to light up larger areas such as a driveway or the whole garden. 

How do solar-powered garden lights work? 

During the day, solar-powered lights absorb sunlight and convert it into electric current. Photoreceptors turn the lights on automatically at dusk while their settings (such as brightness and colour) can be operated through downloading an app on your smartphone. 

Solar-powered lights take approximately 10 hours to charge and have a running time of about 15 hours. These eco-friendly lights reduce your carbon footprint and save you money. 

Why purchase from 50five?

We are the specialists in home lighting solutions and welcome customer enquiries. From outdoor battery lights which save you money by only coming on when motion is detected to USB-powered lights, we have the full range to meet your needs. 

Our guarantee allows you to try your purchase for 55 days and if you’re dissatisfied – return it to us!