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Netatmo smart home solutions

Innovative, revolutionizing smart home solutions with beatiful designs, that's Netatmo's mission. Their products make your home safer, healthier and more comfortable while being very user-friendly. They distinguish four main product groups. On this page you can learn everything you need to know about Netatmo smart home products!

Netatmo Security

IP cameras for indoors and outdoors, which notify you immediately when an intruder is detected. The Netatmo cameras are smart, convenient and easy to install.

Netatmo Energy

Heat your home smarter and save money on your energy bills, without sacrificing comfort. Choose the Netatmo smart thermostat and smart radiator valves to gain full control over the heating system in your home, wherever you are.

Netatmo Weather

Both inside and outside: always up-to-date on temperature, wind force, humidity and more! Plan you outdoor activities based on weather conditions or air out your home when the Netatmo app advises you to.

Netatmo Air

Facilitate the healthiest possible living environment for yourself and your family. These smart solutions allow you to measure temperature, sound pollution and air quality in your home, and give you advice for improvement.

Netatmo Security

Choose from various smart home solutions to secure your home and guarantee your own safety and the safety of your family. Netatmo's IP cameras feature innovative functionality, person detection and facial recognition. Add the Netatmo siren to the IP cameras to make sure intruders don't stand a chance. For optimal fire safety, see the Netatmo smart smoke detector, which notifies you immediately when smoke or fire is detected. Continue reading to learn more about the various Netatmo Security products.

About Netatmo Presence

This smart outdoor IP camera helps you keep a complete overview of everything happening around your house. It allows you to view video real-time, or view recordings at a later time. Featuring a bright spotlight and infrared sensors, the camera even keeps an eye out at night.

  • Differentiates between people, animals and cars
  • Saves video on a local SD-card, no subscription required
  • Real-time notifications for events
  • Day and night with infrared and spotlight

Why choose Netatmo IP cameras?

Smart notifications

Netatmo IP cameras can differentiate between people, animals and cars, and even feature facial recognition (Netatmo Welcome). False alarm is a thing of the past.

No subscription required

Video recordings made by Netatmo Presence and Welcome are saved on a local SD-card. No subscription is required to view video recorded by the cameras.


Netatmo IP cameras feature many innovative technologies, and are very user-friendly. They are easy to install and configure.

About Netatmo Welcome

The discrete Netatmo Welcome features facial recognition, and can send smart notifications to your smartphone based on who's in front of the camera. This way, you are immediately aware whether your child entered the home, or if an intruder has entered.

  • Uses facial recognition
  • Saves video to a local SD-card, no subscription required
  • No false alarm thanks to pet detection
  • Day and night vision

Netatmo Security products

Netatmo Energy

Netatmo offers smart heating solutions for every type of house and every situation. The Netatmo smart thermostat and smart radiator valves allow you to save up to 37% on gas, without compromising living comfort. How does Netatmo achieve this? Both the smart thermostat and the smart radiator valves allow you to control heating for each room individually. They help you heat your home more efficiently, and thus help you save money. Continue reading to learn what Netatmo heating solutions can do for you.

Discover the Netatmo smart thermostat

The Netatmo thermostat is filled with smart technologies to help you heat your home more efficiently. You can align the thermostat settings with your lifestyle, and control it remotely. The thermostat can determine when your home should be heated. It helps you be comfortable in your home at all times.

  • Save up to 37% on gas
  • Only heat when necessary
  • Control your heating system remotely
  • Learns about your lifestyle and your home

Netatmo thermostat with smart radiator valves

A perfect combination

Control heating in each room or zone

Netatmo smart radiator valves allow you to control heating in each room individually. Simply replace existing radiator valves with these Netatmo smart valves. They allow you to only heat the rooms you are using, so energy is not wasted.

  • Set temperatures for each room
  • Open window detection turns off heating when a window is opened
  • The valves analyze the room and heat efficiently
  • Also available if you don't own a smart thermostat

Netatmo Energy products

Netatmo Weather

With Netatmo Weather products, you are always up-to-date on the current weather and forecasts. THrough the app you can view statistics such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and air quality. You can also request current weather forecasts, allowing you to plan your outdoor activities better. The Netatmo weather station can be easily expanded on with the Netatmo rain collector and the Netatmo anemometer. Would you like more insight into the indoor climate in your house? Then simply add the Netatmo indoor module. Continue reading to learn what these products can do for you.

Netatmo weather station

The Netatmo weather station gives you real-time insight into current weather and weather forecasts in your area. It shows you outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality and more. It allows you to plan your outdoor activities better, and the indoor module gives you more insight into the climate in your house.

  • View comprehensive data about weather and climate
  • See previous measurements and data
  • Live weather forecasts
  • Receive a notification when you should air out your house

Expand the Netatmo weather station with:

Netatmo Rain Collector

The Netatmo smart rain collector will give you real-time insight into the amount of rain falling during a certain time period. You can view all the data in the Netatmo app.

Netatmo Anemometer

The Netatmo Anemometer uses ultrasoun technology to measure wind force and wind direction. You can receive notifications when certain wind speeds are measured.

Netatmo Additional Indoor Module

Would you like to measure temperature, humidity and air quality in multiple rooms? Then simply use the additional indoor module. You can receive notifications from each module individually.

Netatmo Air care

Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach helps you make your living environment healthier. It considers and compares data such as temperature, humidity, sound and air quality to give you advice on how to improve your living environment.

  • Comprehensive indoor climate measurements
  • View data remotely through the app
  • Connect multiple Healthy Home Coaches, in different rooms, together

Weather and Air products