Netatmo Welcome tells you who's at home

This smart camera does more than just record video.

28 May 2018

The first security camera with facial recognition.

We're already familiar with Netatmo's smart thermostat and weather station. But have you also heard about Netatmo's Welcome security camera? Netatmo is a highly innovative company that offers an increasing number of solutions to make life in and around your home more comfortable, easier but above all healthier and more secure. Not only for yourself, but for the whole family.

A different perspective on the safety of your family

The Netatmo Welcome is a security camera. Not an ordinary camera that records images or motion, this camera is much smarter:

  • Face recognition
  • Records video
  • Super easy to set up via an app
  • Watch and listen in real-time! The sound sensor is able to pick up alarm signals; for example, from a smoke detector.
  • Via IFTTT, it's also possible to quickly link the Netatmo Welcome to other smart devices in your home, such as Philips Hue lighting.

Netatmo Welcome in the home

Netatmo Welcome is the first security camera that recognises members of your family

Scenario: the Welcome registers an unknown face

  • You will receive an instant notification on your phone
  • Lighting is switched on immediately

Of course, the same scenario can also happen with a familiar face: so a familiar face is detected and, after sunset, your lights immediately turn on! You always come home to into an illuminated house.

Scenario: The Welcome has not detected any movement for a long period of time.

  • It sends a signal to the thermostat to drop a few degrees, so you quickly save a lot of energy.
  • Furthermore, it sends a signal to switch off the lights, convenient and again energy saving

Netatmo Welcome and app

Netatmo Welcome and the Netatmo app

What is the added value of the Welcome?

First of all, it has an alarm function, just like any other security system. You'd of course want to know when unknown persons are trespassing while you're not at home. Or, if that should happen, you will be informed so that you can, if necessary, inform emergency services and ensure that images are taken.

  • Contrary to regular alarm systems, you can also watch the video in real time. If an unfamiliar face is detected while lying upstairs in bed, you can first take a closer look without having to go down to the front door.
  • Because the system recognises your face, you never have to turn it on or off.
  • There will be further expansion of the system via so-called 'tags'. These can be placed on doors or windows. They notify you if a door or window is open or if they move when they shouldn't!

It also provides information about what happens or who is in your home. For example, if you're a working parent, it's nice to know when your kids get home from school, or if you're away from home for a business trip, it's nice to know that everyone at home is okay.

Buying the Netatmo Welcome at 179 pounds is not such a crazy investment after all; this smart security camera delivers a lot of peace of mind.

What else we noticed

  • There are no subscription fees at Netatmo, so no hidden costs.
  • You still have to download a separate Netatmo Welcome App.
  • You can't talk back via the camera
  • The camera is powered via a 230V cable and must be placed on a flat surface (a wall mount is not yet available).
  • It is best to place the camera at eye level in relation to a wall in order to prevent unwanted light ingress.
  • The camera can also record and display infrared images at night in the dark

Collaborate with other smart devices via IFTTT

Thanks to IFTTT (if this then that), the Netatmo Welcome can also communicate with other devices. We mentioned your thermostat or lighting earlier, but equally as important, also with your e-mail!

Check out for super handy pairing possibilities.