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Convenience and Reliability with Devolo Home Internet Solutions

When choosing internet products for your home, you need reliability, speed and consistency. When you have a smart home system, you can't afford a lagging network or unreliable connections, and we understand this at 50five. For that reason, we stock internet products from some of the top brands like Devolo. We stock an extensive selection of products from the Devolo dLAN to the powerline to cater to varying home internet needs. Each product range is well-tested to ensure impeccable service. 

Meeting a Host of Wi-Fi Needs

People have wildly distinct internet requirements for domestic use. One household may need home Wi-Fi that is fast enough for gaming while another one may only want basic connections for light browsing. Devolo Wi-Fi products come in different categories for exactly this reason. For instance, the dLAN 1200+ offers speeds of up to 1,200 Mbps while the dLAN 550 offers 500 Mbps. Devolo makes it possible to get internet for the most demanding home usage. If you work from home and need fast speeds for file uploads and downloads, Devolo has something appropriate. Carefully analyse your internet usage so that you can find products that will serve you satisfactorily. If you are unsure, we have professionals at 50five that can assist with this decision. 

Outdoor Wi-Fi

Besides the inside of the house, you can set up outdoor Wi-Fi with Devolo. Installing internet outside the house is a practical alternative if you spend a lot of time there. For example, if you have a garden or conservatory, an outdoor internet connection can make your time there more interesting. You can stream music as you work. Outdoor Wi-Fi is ideal if you host garden or pool parties. Keep your guests entertained without having to go inside the house for a better signal. The Devolo powerline adapter is water and heat resistant, making it suitable for different weather. With its mesh functionality, you can connect your outdoor Wi-Fi with the rest of the network to boost strength. 

The modern homeowner has varied internet needs what with smart homes growing in popularity. Devolo WiFi allows you to provide reliable internet for your home. Find whatever Devolo product you need to establish internet connections that you can count on.