Our winter favourite: SpeedComfort

Meet our newest winter favourite, the radiator fan SpeedComfort.

Winter has come again. Times of cosiness, hot chocolate and watching movies on the couch… also times of big scarves, frozen car windows and – sometimes – waiting for quite some time before your home is warmed up… Even though the big scarves and frozen car windows will stay for another while, we have found a product that will warm up your home more quickly so you don’t have to suffer from the cold.

At 50five we discovered our newest winter favourite, the SpeedComfort.This smart radiator fan heats your home in a faster way for a more comfortable home.

More comfort

SpeedComfort is a radiator fan, a device that quickly blows the warm air, coming from your radiator, through the room. Installation is quite simple, next to a radiator all you need is a wall socket. Attach the radiator fan on the bottom of the radiator and simply plug into the wall socket and the SpeedComfort is ready to be used!

Also, the SpeedComfort blows the warm air through the room evenly. As the radiator fan circulates the air through the room, the entire room will warm up. The small fans barely make a sound. This way the SpeedComfort provides you with more comfort and lets you enjoy a pleasantly, warm home.

Don’t you want to enjoy a warmer home during these cold winter days? Then take a quick look at the product page of SpeedComfort in our 50five web shop.