Smart Outdoor Lighting Selection Guide

Outdoor lighting selection guide

Make your garden lighting smart too! Use colourful lighting to create a unique atmosphere, let your garden lights automatically turn on when the sun sets, when movement is detected, and more! Whether it rains or not, your garden will steal the show. Keep reading to find out what to look out for if you want to buy smart outdoor lighting. 

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Buying smart outdoor lighting? Here's what you need to know!

Rain, wind, and temperature swings put your garden lighting through a lot of stress. This means you can’t simply place any light outdoors. Smart outdoor lighting has been developed to exist in the elements. It’s waterproof and can withstand more dramatic temperature changes.

We carry several brands with lights specifically designed for the great outdoors, like Mr. Beams and MiPow.

Why choose smart outdoor lighting?

Smart outdoor lighting isn’t just about function; it’s also about creating the ideal atmosphere and connecting them to your smart home, opening the door to many possibilities. For example, you can set scenes, let your lights come on automatically at sunset, or give your pond some colour with floating smart lights! In fact, everything you can do with indoor smart lighting can also be done outside.

What type of smart lights are there?

Generally you use lighting outdoors to set the mood and increase the atmosphere in the garden. You can use different types of lamps for this purpose: spotlights, wall lamps, lanterns, freely placed solar-powered lamps or strings. You can use this to illuminate plants, light up the garden path, or give your pond or pool a little special attention.

In our webshop you’ll find various types of smart outdoor lighting: light strings, free standing lamps with integrated LED lighting, and lamps with built-in motion sensors. You can even choose whether you want coloured lights or simply white lighting. With colour lamps you can choose the exact colour you want to illuminate your garden through the app.

Popular Products

  1. MIPOW Playbulb Garden Pro Solar for Pool and Garden
    MIPOW Playbulb Garden Pro Solar for Pool and Garden
    • Colour changing LEDs for your pool or garden
    • Solar powered; activates at dusk
    • Control colours and effects via app
  2. MiPow Playbulb String - Green
    MiPow Playbulb String - Green
    • Playbulb X app
    • IP65 waterproof
    • Ten metre lighting string
  3. MiPow Playbulb GARDEN 3-pack
    MiPow Playbulb GARDEN 3-pack
    • Solar powered
    • With your smartphone
    • LED colours
    Special Price 59.00
    List price Regular Price 79.00 -25% You save 25%
  4. Mr. Beams Compact Path Light - 2-pack
    Mr. Beams Compact Path Light - 2-pack
    • Battery-powered, wireless
    • 30 lumens
    • For outdoor use

What smart lighting brands are out there?

You'll find various brands on our website, each with their own specialty. We explain a few of them:



If you’re not looking for a complete outdoor lighting system, but you want a colourful way to enhance the atmosphere in your garden, we recommend MiPow. MiPow offers various outdoor lamps, string lights, and lighting for your pond or swimming pool. Opt for standard white lighting or lights that can create millions of colours for unique outdoor ambiance. These outdoor lights even use solar energy, so you don’t have to worry about placing them near a power supply. Operate them via your smartphone with Bluetooth, which means you’ll have to be at home.

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Mr. Beams

Mr. Beams

Mr. Beams offers affordable wireless lighting with built-in motion sensors. From spotlights to nightlights, Mr. Beams has a very wide range of easy-to-install products. The outdoor lighting from Mr. Beams is weatherproof, powerful, and illuminates every spot in your garden. These product use batteries, so you can place them anywhere in your garden. Mr. Beams lights are most useful when you need temporary light – for example, when walking down the path or when you need to unlock the gate. The motion sensors ensure the lights go out automatically when no one is detected.

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