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Philips is a well-known technology company with over a century of experience in lighting. The connected home lighting system was first introduced by Philips, and its years of innovation and experience have resulted into high-quality products.

The intelligent lights of Philips Hue are user friendly. The lights can be connected to the app and controlled on any smart device. Depending on the type of Philips Hue light, the desired shade of white can be chosen or the preferred colour can be picked from the colour palette. This way, the perfect ambiance can easily be created in any home.

50five is fond of Philips Hue due to the fact that its intelligent lights work together with other intelligent devices. Connect your Philips Hue lights to your Nest thermostat, for example, and simulate presence when you’re not at home. The use of IFTTT can extend the overall smart home experience even more. The free internet service helps you to create personalised scenes.

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As the #1 smart home specialist, we solely want to promote the best smart home solutions. Philips Hue offers an innovative connected home lighting solution that improves the overall lighting experience in any home.

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