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Phones & Tablets

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Today, everyone uses cell phones and tablets to communicate. You can hardly go a single day without using your phone, even if you just use it to check the time. Since it is something you use so much, you need to get a mobile phone which suits your personality and one which has all the features you need. You should note that one feature may be important to one person but may be completely useless to another. When shopping for a mobile device at 50five, make sure you consider your individual needs.

Android Phones

Android phones have dominated the mobile phone market for a very long time. Some of the biggest Android brands are Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia. You can shop for the latest phones from these companies, and you will never be disappointed in their quality and functionality. If you are looking for affordable phones, Android devices will also suit you. That being said, the three brands mentioned above can be very expensive. You can buy tablet and phones from other high-quality Android manufacturers if your main interest is in saving money. 


iPhone also has a significant market share in the mobile phone market. Only one company manufactures iPhone mobile phones and tablets, and this is Apple. Devices from this manufacturer are known to be exceptionally high in quality. You can expect the phone to work perfectly for many years. The phones are also updated every now and then. You can sell your old iPhone or iPad if you want to keep upgrading your devices to the newest models. At 50five, we would be glad to sell you some of the latest iPhone and iPad devices. 

What’s the Difference Between a Smartphone and a Tablet

Smartphones and tablets can generally perform the same tasks. They can both be used to call, browse the internet, and even play games. However, tablets and iPads are large in size and are primarily used at home. The main purpose of tablets is content consumption. On the other hand, smartphones are meant for communication and can be carried around as you travel. Depending on your needs, you can call us for the best phones and tablet deals.