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Improving Your Smart Home Monitoring with Mobile Phones, Tablet and Accessories

Handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets have changed many things, including monitoring security. Remote monitoring has become a standard feature of smart homes. With the advancing technology in this market, consumers have a range of solutions to pick from. At 50five, we stock an extensive selection of tablets, phones and accessories to cater to the diverse needs of customers. We insist on reputable brands like Amazon to ensure that our customers enjoy quality systems.

How Remote Monitoring Works

Smart home services are growing in popularity because they offer great flexibility for users. With remote monitoring, multiple systems in the house are connected to a central hub that is then accessible from a tablet or smartphone. You can get a handheld device that is exclusive to a particular smart home system such as Amazon or download an app. You can then control several functions from the device from wherever you are. Remote monitoring eliminates the need for physical contact with a smart home, which offers many conveniences. 


Storage is always a big concern for users of mobile devices. People use their phones and tablets to store all type of data from music files to home surveillance videos. However, some devices may not have sufficient space to meet storage requirements. When you need to improve the storage capacity of your tablet or smartphone, you can use an SD card. Verbatim is one brand that offers expandable memory solutions for smartphone users. Micro SD cards come in different capacities from as small as 500Mb to 32GB. 


Almost all smartphones and tablets come with in-built cameras. However, the phone camera may not always be suitable for certain needs. Video streaming, for example, demands a high-quality camera. Insta360 makes cameras that can rotate 360°, allowing you better angles when streaming videos. You can get a separate camera for your iPhone or Android phone/tablet to boost your photo and video functionalities. 

Buy a smartphone, tablet or accessories at 50five and enjoy the convenience of power in your hands. Consider your smart home system when getting your device or accessories to ensure that they are compatible. Ask for professional assistance from 50five if necessary.