Ring: Smart Home Security Makes Your Home A Safer Place

Best sold products

  1. Ring Video Doorbell Pro
    Ring Video Doorbell Pro
    • Includes Ring Chime
    • Improved resolution
    • Connection to mains power supply
    Special Price 209.00
    List price Regular Price 229.00 -£ 20,00 You save 9%
  2. Ring Video Doorbell 2
    Ring Video Doorbell 2
    • Live HD video
    • Battery or hardwire
    • Advanced motion detection
    Special Price 154.00
    List price Regular Price 179.00 -£ 25,00 You save 14%
  3. Ring Floodlight Cam - Black
    Ring Floodlight Cam - Black
    • Advanced sensors
    • Floodlight and alarm
    • With two-way audio
    Special Price 229.00
    List price Regular Price 249.00 -£ 20,00 You save 8%
  4. Ring Spotlight Cam Battery - Black
    Ring Spotlight Cam Battery - Black
    • Live HD video and instant alerts
    • Rechargeable battery
    • Advanced motion detection

Doorbells and more...

Ring offers a great range of video doorbells and their chimes. But not only: a security cam and its solar panel are also available.

The security camera will help you create a security Ring all around your house, even by night! And thanks to the solar panel, you won't need to charge the camera anymore! Only a few hours of sunlight are necessary for the Stick-Up cam to monitor your home, day and night.

With Ring, you:

  • Communicate with your visitor. It comes in handy when the postman is at your door to deliver a parcel but you are at work!
  • Install a « Ring security » throughout your house.
  • See whatever happens around your house.
  • Prevent burglary.
  • Choose the device that fits your lifestyle perfectly and make your home more personal.

Meet the Ring Family

Video doorbell: always see who is at your door!

Chime: no need for a smartphone to hear your doorbell in your house!

Pro doorbell and Pro chime: better image quality and more features with the Pro doorbell and Chime!

How can I install Ring?

  • Configure the Ring App.
  • To function smoothly, the Ring video doorbell requires a WiFi signal. Go outside, close your front door and check the WiFi coverage with your phone.
  • All the accessories you need are included to make the installation child’s play (except for drilling).
  • Replace your existing doorbell with the Ring.
  • Ring is compatible with Apple iOS 8 or newer, Android 4.0 or newer and Windows 10 devices. It is not compatible with Blackberry nor Windows 8 devices.

FAQ Questions

Can I connect multiple phones or computers to the Ring?

I missed a visitor or an alert, what options do I have?

Why is a subscription needed to check recordings?

We know Ring because…

Ring is the market leader in video doorbells for consumers.

Video doorbells are usually not that easy to install. But Ring managed to make their video doorbell installation accessible to their customers.

Ring wants to reduce the crime in communities: don’t we all want to live in a safer place -if not world?