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We can install any product we sell. Our installers are certified professionals with years of experience in smart home installations.


Keep an eye on your home anytime and anywhere, be warned automatically in case of danger or suspicious activity, and set up your security system the way you want: now that's smart security! Discover our smart IP cameras, alarm systems, smoke and CO detectors, and create your own security ecosystem. Do you need some help choosing? We're ready to help!

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See who's at the door and communicate with the visitor via an app.

Smoke and CO Detectors

Smart smoke detectors recognise fire in the earliest state and warn you immediately, wherever you are.

Security Cameras 

Find optimal solutions for protecting your house

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 At 50five, we provide everything you need to get your home connected; no other webshop offers complete smart home solutions from start to finish. We can help you select the right smart thermostat, upgrade your boiler or heat pump, and guide you through getting the most out of your heating system. We can install a complete home security system and connect it to your smart assistant. We stay on the cutting edge of trends and technologies to give you smart advice for every smart device. 

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