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  1. Somfy Protect One+
    Somfy Protect One+
    • Complete system
    • Expandable system
    • Two additional accessories
  2. Trust Wireless Security System - ALSET-2000
    Trust Wireless Security System - ALSET-2000
    • Complete wireless set
    • Warning by siren
    • No extra costs
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  4. Honeywell Evohome badge reader and two badges
    Honeywell Evohome badge reader and two badges
    • Controlling your system
    • Integrated siren
    • 2 badges included
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  6. Somfy Protect One
    Somfy Protect One
    • Complete system
    • User-friendly system
    • Protects your privacy
  7. Somfy Protect Home Alarm
    Somfy Protect Home Alarm
    • Complete solution
    • Compatible with many systems
    • Prevents burglaries
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Why You Should Invest in a Home Alarm System

A home alarm system can be an important asset in protecting the ones you love, your property, and your most prized possessions. Not only can a security alarm save your life, but it is an effective tool in preventing home invasion, trespassing, and vandalism. Most importantly, it is the ultimate cost-effective solution to keeping your family and your home safe. 

Types of Security Alarms and Their Benefits

There are various types of home security alarm systems that will keep your home protected, here is a brief overview of the prominent ones on the market today.

Burglar Alarm Systems

Specifically designed to keep intruders out of your home and off of your property, this alarm is comprised of the latest motion detector and vibration sensor technology that can be placed on doors and windows in and around your home. If suspicious movement is detected within the proximity range of the sensors, a siren alarm will go off to alert you while you are in the home, and you will also receive a notification on your smartphone. The alarm is pet-friendly, operates using a wifi connection, and you and your family can stay protected during a power outage due to its back up battery. It is effective in deterring burglars from breaking into your home.

Wireless Alarm Systems

The wireless alarm system operates using a secure radio signal. Some of the key benefits are that it is portable, the installation process is very simple, and it easy to add a variety of different sensors to doors, windows, rooms, and any other part of your home you choose. Similar to the burglar detection alarm system it sends a message to your mobile if anyone tries to break into your home. Your entry access is wireless and you can monitor your property from your mobile phone and other mobile devices. The anti-tamper system makes it safe and reliable.

Purchase Your Next Home Security System at 50five

At 50five we understand that safety is a priority for you, that's why we provide state of the art quality home security systems with the latest innovative and advanced technology to ensure premium protection for you and your family at an affordable price.