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Order and Delivery

I cannot find my confirmation e-mail. Where is it?

I did not receive my Track and Trace number. Why?

What delivery time can I expect?

What do I do if I am not at home when my parcel arrives?

How to recognize products proposed by our business partners?

Payment methods

What’s included in the price?

How can I pay?

What kind of coupon codes can I get?

How can I use my coupon code?


What is the 55 days trial period?

What does the warranty consist of ?

What is the warranty period?

What are the warranty limitations?

Returns and complaints

Why is it really important to delete the personal data stored on your product ?

What can I do if my product is defective or I have another complaint?

How to return my order?

What does a “55-day return policy “ mean?

Original packaging and packing slip

How does the free return with prepaid shipping label work ?

Track & Trace with return shipments

What happens if the product is damaged by incorrect use?

How will I be reimbursed?

Installation of smart home products

Are there any terms and conditions for smart product installation?

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