Smart lighting

Smart lighting

Fully tailor your smart lighting to your lifestyle! Choose your colour, temperature, and brightness for every moment of the day and every activity. Operate easily via an app, a remote control, or set schedules. The possibilities are endless with smart lighting! At 50five you'll find the widest assortment of smart lighting for both indoors and outdoors.

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Smart lighting: more than just light

In the past, when you needed light at home you'd go to the store and purchase a fixture or bulb. You'd screw in an E14 or E27 light bulb in the brightness you needed. Today, light plays a much more important role in our lives and in our living environments. Smart lighting makes it possible to do more with light than just illuminate: it offers so many possibilities to fully adjust the lighting in your home to your rhythm, your activities, and your mood. Smart lighting lets you create the right atmosphere at any time of day.

How does smart lighting work?

Of course, it all starts with a smart light. This can be a 'normal' E27 bulb, but it could also be a LED strip, an accent light, or a light panel. It depends on whethre you want direct or indirect lighting, and whether it's for ambiance or task lighting.

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What makes smart lighting so smart is that it can be set up and operated via an app on your smartphone or tablet. Some lights can be operated by remote control, so you don't need the app just to turn on your light. However, to operate the light with an app, you need to first connect it to the Internet. This is usually done with a bridge or control station: this is the base station that links your WiFi to your lights. Your WiFi signal is usually converted to a ZigBee or Z-Wave signal; in other words, a communication protocol that smart home devices use to communicate with one another. Lighting often uses ZigBee.

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There are also smart lighting brands, like myStrom, that work directly on your WiFi signal. In that case, a bridge or control station isn't required.

Okay, so you've plugged in your smart lamps and installed bulbs in their fixtures. From here, you download the app for your smart lights and connect to the Internet. The app will let you set schedules, design 'scenes' with custom colours and settings (for example, a scene for watching movies), and link your lighting to your other smart home solutions! Philips Hue even goes a step further and lets your lights respond to sunrise or sunset and connect to your entermainment systems like movies and games.

You can also add various accessories, like sensors, to completely automate your home lighting. There are so many ways to optimise smart lighting to your lifestyle!

Did you know...?


An LED bulb is 85% more efficient than a standard light bulb and 75% more efficient than a hallogen bulb. For the most energy savings, make sure you equip your home with LED lighting - preferably smart LED lighting. You can program smart lighting and switch them on and off remotely.


With one touch of a button you change the look and atmosphere of your living room or bedroom by using preset scenes.
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You can connect up to 50 lights on the Philips Hue bridge: LED strips, mood lights, or standard bulbs. You can also connect bulbs from Innr or Trust ZigBee to the Hue bridge, since they also use the ZigBee protocol.
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Do you need an LED lamp that's as bright as a 25 watt standard bulb? Then choose an LED lamp with 249 lumens. The difference is that the LED consumes only 2.8 watts!
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16 million

Smart RGB colour bulbs can produce up to 16 million colours and shades. Additionally, they can be dimmed, giving you complete control over your lighting at home!
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13 pounds

Smart bulbs are available from £13. Make sure you have any necessary hub or control station. There is a difference between brands in terms of price, but also in terms of colour reproduction. Don't combine brands before doing your research.
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