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Heat your home faster

Do you want to save on gas consumption in your home? Then SpeedComfort is the ideal solution for you! Especially if you already own a smart thermostat. These radiator fans make the heating system in your home work faster, meaning less gas is consumed for heating. This way you can increase living comfort, save money and help our environment.

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How does SpeedComfort work?

SpeedComfort radiator fans are easy to install using their magnet mounting system. All you need to do is place the fan under a radiator, and plug the power cord into an outlet. Installation takes only a few minutes, and you can connect multiple SpeedComfort fans in sequence. Once installed, the fan automatically turns on when the radiator temperature reaches 33°C. The fan automatically turns off when the radiator temperature drops below 25°C. SpeedComfort fans circulate hot air from the radiators throughout the room faster. Because SpeedComfort fans make your heating system work more efficiently, the temperature on your boiler can be lowered (to 60 °C or even lower), without sacrificing living comfort. This also significantly reduces heat loss through heating pipes, allowing you to save even more (up to 30%!).

Which SpeedComfort fits your needs?

SpeedComfort Basic

For radiators with 7cm of space between the radiator panels, this fan is easily installed using included magnets. SpeedComfort Basic can not be mounted to cast iron radiators.


SpeedComfort Narrow

Perfect for radiatoren with less than 7cm of space between the radiator panels. Narrow is also mounted using included magnets. Just like Basic, Narrow can not be mounted to cast iron radiators.

SpeedComfort Convector

This SpeedComfort fan is perfect for convector type radiators an convector wells. This fan is mounted using included brackets. Just like other SpeedComfort fans, this fan can not be mounted to cast iron radiators.

SpeedComfort Accessories

These accessories, named for letters in the alphabet, are remarkably handy if you already own SpeedComfort products. Accessories are often included when you buy SpeedComfort fans.

How many SpeedComfort fans do you need?

A single fan can process 30 cubic metres of air each hour. Circulating all the air in a room once per hour is sufficient. Depending on the length of your radiator, you might need one or more SpeedComfort fans. A single SpeedComfort fan corresponds to 50cm of radiator panel. If, for example, your radiator is 160cm long, then you will need three fans. An example: if you take a room measuring 120 cubic metres (8m x 5m x 3m), you will need 4 fans. Your best option in that case is two duo sets, or a trio set and a single fan. Each of these fans comes with a connector cable measuring  30cm and a power cord measuring 180cm. If those cables don't fit your needs, simply order extra cables measuring 60cm or 120cm.

You can connect up to 20 SpeedComfort fans in sequence and plug them into a single power outlet. Our advice is to install SpeedComfort fans in the most used rooms of your home. Before you purchase, be mindful of the type of radiator in your home and which SpeedComfort fans you need. Continue reading this page if you want to know more!

Easy to install

Installing SpeedComfort fans takes only a few minutes. Simply use the included mounting materials to install Basic (magnets) or Narrow (magnetic hooks) under your radiator, between the radiator panels. Basic can also be mounted to the top side of the radiator. For SpeedComfort Convector, use the included brackets to place the fan on top of the convector, making sure the magnets don't touch the convector. Place the thermal switch on the radiator, close by the warm water supply pipe. All required accessories (magnets or hooks, thermal switch, adapter) are included in the bundles.

The benefits of SpeedComfort


SpeedComfort circulates hot air throughout the room faster, allowing you to save up to 30% on gas consumption. This way, you can save and be environmentally friendly at the same time.


Alle components used in SpeedComfort fans are recyclable and the housing of made of biodegradable materials. This is why SpeedComfort won a prize for "Greenest Idea 2015" in the Netherlands.


SpeedComfort helps you reduce gas consumption and uses only a very small amount of electricity. A single fan uses less than 15p worth of electricity in a year (if it runs for 1000 hours/year).

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