Sustain your home

Sustain your home

You can save energy in many ways – the easier is to make sure you have a sustainable home. Making your home more sustainable ultimately means you use less electricity, gas and water – saving on your energy bills each month. 

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Did you know?


Is the mean number of household appliances on average. If you add up the electricity consumption for all the devices, you get a rather large total. Tip: replace your old devices for new, energy-efficient appliances with energy label A ++ or A +++.


You save around 215 pounds every year if you insulate the roof of your property properly. 


Is the amount of money spent on fuel bills that goes towards providing heating and hot water. With fuel costs continuing to rise, making sure you have an efficient and cost-effective heating system will save you money, and it can really help you reduce your carbon dioxide emissions.


If you replace one 60W incandescent with a CFL bulb you may be able to reduce your electricity bill by around £7 a year. This saving is easily scaled by replacing all the bulbs in your house. If you have 10 light bulbs to replace you could save £70 a year.

3,100 kWh 

In the UK, around 8.5 to 10 Kwh of electricity are used per day by the average household. In a year, the average consumption is around 3,100 kWh and the average electricity bill around £600 per year. The UK has quite a lot of variation up and down the country, due to differences in household energy consumption and the price paid per kWh for electricity in different regions. Making your home more sustainable can save you a lot of money!
(SmarterBusiness & Nimblefins)

1.3 million

If you have a three-star rated showerhead, then you will use no more than 9 litres of water per minute. Old style showerheads are much more inefficient and use 15–20 litres per minute. Showering for six minutes lets a water-efficient showerhead save up to 50 litres of water per shower or up to 20,000 litres of water per person per year. If everyone in the UK showered for 6 minutes this could save 1.3 million litres a year!

Tips to make your home more sustainable

Making your household more sustainable doesn’t have to be difficult. Most saving methods come from adapting behaviours at home or replacing certain devices and insulation. 

Isolate and ventilate

If your household isn’t well insulated, you will find yourself spending a lot of money each year to keep your home warm. By insulating your roof well, it quickly reduces your heat loss by 30% 

Replacing traditional window glass for double or triple glazed will substantially reduce heat loss. Energy efficient windows are an important consideration for any home. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for up to 30% of residential heating and cooling.  

Good ventilation can also make your home more energy-efficient. If the air within your home becomes polluted, it also becomes humid. Humid air heats slower, meaning your boiler will need to work extra hard to hear your home. 

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Durable equipment

The easiest step you can take to make your home more sustainable is to replace light bulbs and halogen lamps for LEDs. LED lamps are 85% more efficient than regular light bulbs and halogen lighting. LED lamps can last up to 50,000 hours – a very good investment.  

How old is your washing machine, fridge or other electronic appliances? Replacing your appliance with a modern, high energy rated label will reduce the amount of electricity used within your home. Where possible, swap out appliances for equipment rated energy label A+++. Also look to using smart plugs to facilitate energy usage – if something isn’t in use, turn it off. 

Water saving

Water consumption is determined through consumer behaviour; running taps or showers for long periods of time can become a huge waste and increase costs.  

Turn your boiler down to 60 degrees to save on gas for hot water. Almost 20% of gas consumption is used to heat water; having an efficient combi boiler ensures water is heated in the most efficient and cost-friendly way. 

Smart home solutions

50five provide smart home solutions, encouraging you to make your household more sustainable. Choosing to purchase smart LED lighting enables you to program when your lights turn on, and back off. Even if you’re not home, illuminate at the right times – for example, time the porch light to come on in an evening when you are on your way home.  

Smart plugs are also an option, as they only supply electricity to appliances when necessary. Limiting the amount of electricity used by washing machines, TVs, and more will reduce the amount of energy wasted. Use your mobile device to control the smart plug and set time schedules for usage.