A revolutionary battery for your home

Are you looking for a more sustainable solution to power your home? The Tesla Powerwall is a solar charged battery, which stores energy to continuously power your home with sustainable energy - all day, and all night. Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source which produces more energy than your house can consume at one time.

Installing a Tesla Powerwall in your home, ensures the excess energy produced is never lost - but harnessed. Using the energy generated by your solar panels, the Tesla Powerwall sends the required energy to the relevant appliances, and stores the excess making it available on demand. You can also sell your unwanted energy, back to the power grid!

Connected to your wi-fi network is the Gateway 2 - an energy management and monitoring device, which provides control and monitoring capability through the Tesla mobile app. Seamlessly power your home in the event of a power outage through backup loads of power, and enable time-based control to release energy when you need it most. 

What are the benefits of a Tesla Powerwall?

  • Solar energy, day and night
  • Store excess power, ready for use on demand
  • Sell any unwanted electricity, back to the power grid
  • Backup your home, saving energy for potential power outages
  • Lower your energy bills and avoid 'peak time' energy usage rates
  • Plus so much more...

Why Tesla Powerwall?

Tesla is a leading manufacturer of sustainable, clean and integrated solutions for homes, world-wide. It goes without saying, the Tesla Powerwall is a solar-powered battery with on of the highest energy capacities on the market. 

The Tesla Powerwall works to reduce your reliance on the power grid and fossil fuels, to create a sustainable, emission free home. 

As certified installers for Tesla, 50five provide expert advice on how the Powerwall can be fitted in your home, and begin to maximise the power of solar energy. 

An automated system, the Tesla Powerwall requires no maintenance, is compact and simple. Made with liquid thermal controls and touch safe technology to increase battery life and safety, the Powerwall is one of the safest solar-powered batteries to use.

Technical specifications

Tesla Powerwall 

Usable capacity: 13.5 kWh

Efficiency: 90%

Weight: 125 kg

Operating temperature: -20c to 50c

Real power: Continuous 3.68 / 5 kW

Installation: Floor or wall mounted (indoor or outdoor)

Warranty: 10 years

Supported applications:

  • Solar self-consumption
  • Backup power
  • Time-based control
  • Off-grid capabilities

Dimensions: L - 1150mm, W - 755mm, D - 155mm

Gateway 2 

Connectivity: Ethernet / cellular

Operating modes: Support for solar self-consumption and time-based control

Operating temperatures: -20c to 50c

Warranty: 10 years

Weight: 2 kg

Mounting options: Wall mount

Dimensions: L - 240mm, W - 243mm, D - 130mm

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50five - a certified installer

We take care of everything, including system design, permitting, installation and financing. Our customer care team are always on hand to support you, should you have any enquiries before or after installation.

As a leading smart home specialist in the UK, 50five want to promote the best in smart home solutions. Tesla are supported by us for their approach to clean energy technology, and their ability to integrate with solar power to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

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