The highlights of CES 2019 for your smart home

What new technologies will be unveiled this year at CES?

7 January 2019

Bigger and better with more possibilities. The largest tech and gadget fair in the world will start on January 8 in Las Vegas. This means that suppliers will do everything they can to show the world which new innovations we all want and need in our house. What kind of smart innovations and smart home products can we expect to see this year at CES 2019?

What is CES?

CES stands for Consumer Electronics Show and is an international fair that is held annually in Las Vegas. The first edition was held in 1967 and 52 years later this exhibition is the leader when it comes to introducing special and innovative tech products to the world. In the past, visitors were surprised with the introduction of the video recorder (1970), the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES, 1985), the DVD (1996) and OLED TV (2008). Last year Google gained a lot of attention with Google Assistant, while in 2017 Amazon introduced the world to Alexa.

Smart innovations

The fair is the perfect opportunity for suppliers to introduce their products because there is a lot of media attention. Many suppliers leak something new in the run-up to the fair so their products don’t get lost in the crowd. For example, we already saw a clothing folding robot (Foldimate), a smart beer dispenser (LG HomeBrew) and a backpack to charge your smartphone wirelessly (Targus Mobile ViP + Backpack).

These are the most important messages in the news so far:

Netatmo smart video doorbell with Apple HomeKit

In 2018 we saw the introduction of the smart video doorbell and it became enormously popular in a short amount of time. In 2019, there have been many new manufacturers coming into the market with their own video doorbell. Netatmo, known for its thermostats and cameras, introduces its own video doorbell with Apple HomeKit support at CES 2019. The doorbell starts a video call when someone rings the doorbell. When you use the doorbell as a security camera the images are stored on an internal microSD card, this means you do not need a storage subscription. This video doorbell is the first of its kind to work with Apple, meaning you can ask Siri to see who is at your door and connect with other devices that work with Apple HomeKit. According to Netatmo this doorbell will be in stores in the second half of 2019 (and at 50five of course).

The Samsung televisions are compatible with Samsung, Apple and Amazon

Samsung’s smart TVs from 2018 and 2019 will be updated so that they can show films and series from Apple's iTunes. Apple wants to ensure that its own streaming service can run on more devices. According to Samsung, the update also provides support for AirPlay 2. Later this year, the televisions will also receive an update for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, meaning that these televisions will be able to respond to voice commands that you give to your smart speaker. This was previously only possible with Bixby, Samsung's own smart assistant.

Amazon Alexa on more than 100 million devices

Alexa, Amazon's smart assistant, was introduced at CES two years ago and now there are 100 million devices worldwide using this assistant. These devices are not just Amazon products as many manufacturers now equip their products with this smart assistant. There are 150 products with Amazon Alexa built in and another 28,000 compatible smart home devices from more than 4,500 producers. Alexa is now also able to complete more than 70,000 skills.

This is all the information we have so far. We will be keeping an eye out for developments and report interesting news about smart home devices as it is brought out.