Three free apps for Philips Hue lights

Three free apps to enhance your smart lighting experience!

1 May 2018

We've reviewed three user-friendly apps to control your smart lighting

The normal app that comes with Philips Hue lamps is efficient, but can be frustrating as well. The functionality is limited, the colours static and the app is not always easy to use. We've found the following 3 apps that we like to use and recommend. The apps are entirely free, so try them out:


Huey connects your television with your lamps by reflecting all the colours and projecting them onto the wall. This creates an amazing theatre experience in your room! The app uses your smartphone's camera, facing the TV to analyse the colours shown on the image. These are then reproduced in the Philips Hue lamps of your choice. Super flexible and easy to set up.

  • Price: free
  • Platform: Android


OnSwitch recreates scenes in your home: a fireplace, forest environment or ocean are just a few examples of the many other awesome possibilities. The app utilises the best of the Hue lamps to create the perfect ambiance in your home, changing colours whenever and wherever you want. There are even soundtracks to further optimise the atmosphere.

  • Price: free
  • Platform: Android and iOS


Huemote is a super cool and simple app to quickly switch your lamps on and off, instead of the normal Hue app, where you have to click numerous times to operate the lamps. The Huemote gives you access to all your lamps via a large screen. It is a definite 'time saver' that is highly appreciated by experienced hue users!

  • Price: free
  • Platform: iOS